The London Film And Comic Convention Plus The Doctor Who Exhibition

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On Sunday I went to London with my friend Tristan to see the London Film and Comic Convention, and the Doctor Who Exhibition, as a late birthday gift.

Both events were on at Earls Court.

I met Tristan at the Guildford train station entrance at around 7.45am in the morning.

We purchased our train tickets, and caught the train to Waterloo station. Tristan was in a rush to get to Guildford, and he didn’t have time for his breakfast, so he ate a sandwich on the train. 

On the train to Waterloo with Tristan

Once we got to Waterloo, we saw that there was a lot of building work going on; many of the shops had been closed. 

From Waterloo we got on the Underground and caught some tube trains to get to Earls Court. 

As we left Earls Court Station we saw the entrance to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre on the other side of the road. 

Tristan heading towards the enterance of Earls Court 

A few big posters of Daleks were on the front of the building, which were advertising the Doctor Who Exhibition. 

Tristan had bought Early Bird tickets for the London Film and Comic Convention, which meant we could get inside the exhibition at 10am, instead of 11am for those who bought the standard tickets. This was due to Tristan wanting to get a load of autographs for himself and one of his friends, so he wanted to get early tickets to meet these famous people, so he did not have to wait a long time to see them. 

Unfortunately about three hundred other people had also purchased Early Bird tickets. 

We had to join the queue with the rest of them to wait to get inside. 

Both of us were right at the back of the queue, which snaked behind the Earls Court building, in a cold windy spot. 

Luckily there was some entertainment whilst we were queuing, as we saw some Cylons from the original Battlestar Galactica walk past us in the queue. They even had the red light moving from side to side for their eyes, they made all the right sort of sci-fi noises, and occasionally said ‘By your command’, which was a famous Cylon catchphrase from the original show. 

Some Cylons 




Once 10am arrived, the queue moved into the building, and we got to the entrance at around 10.10am. So the queuing was ok in the end. 

There was a lady at the entrance to collect our entry tickets. 

As soon as we got inside Tristan dashed to where the famous people were due to sit for the autograph signings, so he could get all the early tickets to meet them. His friend wanted a load of autographs from the guests, which totalled around £120! 

The autograph queue 

Tristan also arranged a photo shoot with himself and the American actor Christopher Llyod. This actor is famous for playing Dr. Emmett L. Brown in the Back to the Future movies. Tristan was wearing a Back to the Future t-shirt especially for his photo shoot. 

Christopher Llyod

I queued with Tristan for some of the time whilst he was getting his autographs. I saw some of the famous people with him like Patrick Stewart from Star Trek, Sylvester McCoy from Doctor Who, Claudia Black from Farscape, Margot Kidder from Superman, and Karen Allen from Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

Tristan getting Margot Kidder's signed picture 

David Warner and John Landis 

Sylvester McCoy 

Whilst Tristan was queuing up for more of his autographs and his photo shoot, I had a walk round the event by myself. I bought a few books at a couple of the stalls. I saw Darth Vader walking round with another shorter Star Wars person, and also some X-Men having a group photo taken with a Jedi. There was a car from the 'Fast and the Furious' movies. I also spotted the De Lorean time machine, which was the car used in the Back to the Future movies. Tristan later had his picture taken sitting inside it. 

Darth Vader and some other Star Wars person 

The X-Men have a photo opportunity with a Jedi 

The car from Fast and the Furious - I want this car! 

The De Lorean time machine 

Once Tristan had finished getting the majority of the autographs he wanted, we looked round the stalls and exhibits together. 

We saw loads of fun and cool things, like a huge statue of the Hulk, which I stood by and had my picture taken beside it. 

The Jolly Green Giant says - 'Eat my golden corn and tender peas, or else!' 

Me holding the Hulks hand 

I also had my picture taken with the Predator, as well as an Alien with a soldier, who was looking after it. The Alien was very funny, and was scaring people. It made a woman jump by sneezing. 

The Predator 

The Predator preys on me 

A soldier escorts an alien 

Me and my new Alien friend 

Frak me, its a Cylon! 

There was also the Tardis, and a Cyberman guarding it. The man inside the Cyberman costume was enjoying himself, as he was stomping round with his big feet, and acting just like a real Cyberman from the Doctor Who TV series. 

A Cyberman guarding the Tardis 

I had my picture taken beside the Tardis, and the Cyberman lifted me up by holding me from the back of my coat! 

Shall I try and steal the Tardis from the Cyberman? 

The Cyberman grabs me by the back of my coat 

I pull out my sonic screwdriver from my trousers, which scares off the Cyberman, and gives me chance to steal the Tardis 

Tristan had a ticket numbered around 250 to be in the autograph queue to get Christopher Lloyds autograph. Tristan had done the photo shoot with him earlier. The queue was numbered up to 100 for ages, so Tristan could not join the queue for a few hours. 

So, we had some lunch, and we decided to go next door to see the Doctor Who Exhibition for an hour, as Tristan wanted to return to his autograph queuing. 

As we left the Film and Comic Convention we had our hands stamped, so we re-enter there again later on. 

We walked outside and round to the other entrance of the building. 

Inside, we handed in our tickets to go in the Doctor Who Exhibition. 

The Doctor Who Exhibition was really fun to walk round. 

As we walked through it, there were pictures of all of the actors who have played the Doctor lining the walls. We took turns taking pictures of each other with each Doctor.  

Me and the first Doctor as played by William Hartnell. The grandfather figure 

Me and the second Doctor as played by Patrick Troughton. The clown and cosmic hobo 

Me and the third Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee. The Dandy 

Me and the forth Doctor as played by Tom Baker. The best Doctor, all teeth and curls 

Me and the fifth Doctor as played by Peter Davison. The Boris Johnson lookalike 

Me and the sixth Doctor as played by Colin Baker. Worst dressed Doctor 

Me and the seventh Doctor as played by Sylvestor McCoy. The one with the funny umbrella 

Me and the eigth Doctor as played by Paul McGann. The George Lazenby of Doctor Who 

Me and the ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston. The northern one 

We then entered the scene from the episode of Doctor Who called ‘Rose’. We were walking round a shop store room, which had shop dummies. They were moving, and were really in fact the alien menace known as the Autons, who disguised themselves as shop dummies. We took some good photos of each other in there. 

Tristan with a dummy, no not me, an Auton! 

I'm trying to look like an Auton 

I look like a shop dummy in this photo 

There was also the Tardis, with a clever virtual tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, standing next to it. The Doctor’s moving and talking face was being projected on a life sized model. 

The Tardis 

A virtual tenth Doctor 

Me and the tenth Doctor 

Lots of the monsters from the new series were also there. 

I saw the Ood, and how they were made, K-9, a witch, a Cat Person, lots of different types of aliens. 

Ood's that behind you? 

An Ood mask 


A witch 

Cat Person 

I used to have a girlfriend who looked like this 

Another Auton 

A Silveen 

Baby faced Silveen 


Bone head

Bo Selecta! Its me and the Face of Boe 

The Face of Boe is going green, I hope he's not going to be sick! 

Mr Potato Head - a Sontaran 




A lady told me this pig man looked like me! 


Fish man 

A robot angel 

A little red prickerly man 

Along came a spider 

There were Cybermen too. I also spotted the Cybercontoller. I pushed a big button, and he came to life. 

The Cybermen turn their backs on Barry



I press the button to wake up the Cybercontroller




A lot of the exhibits were interactive. 

I liked the one of the statue from the episode of Blink, as it appeared when the light came on. 

Don't blink! 


The Tardis interior set was funny too. There was an area with a green backdrop, and a TV screen above it. I was being super imposed inside the Tardis. It was difficult to get good shots, as there was always kids running around inside it. I scarced them off, but I started to regenerate and go transparent after that. 

Inside the Tardis Barry finds some alien rugrats...

Barry tries to wave off the alien rugrats...

"Shhooo begone evil rugrats!" 

All his waving though does not scare the alien rugrats from the Tardis... 

So he pulls out his sonic screwdriver from his trousers, which scares them off!.. 

The battle has been too much for Barry, he starts regenerating... 

Regenerating into who....? 

The best exhibit though was the Daleks one. I pushed a button and a Dalek came up through the floor looking like it was hovering, then two more Daleks moved towards it, and they start shooting at each other, with laser effects, smoke, flashing lights, and lots of screams of ‘Exterminate!’  

The Daleks spot Barry... 

The Black Dalek gets nearer to him... 



It all kicks off and they start firing at Barry with cries of 'Exterminate!'... 



A Dalek captures Barry...

Barry has to face the Dalek Emperor! 

I was hoping to see Davros, the Dalek creator, as he was used in the last season, but he was not there yet. 

After we looked round the Doctor Who Exhibition, Tristan bought a Cyberman beach towel in the shop. 

Some people who made a video of the Doctor Who Exhibition 

Then we left to return back to the London Film and Comic Convention next door.

The SFX magazine staff had their own stall at the exhibit. They are a popular sci-fi magazine, which writes articles and reviews of various TV shows, films, DVD’s, books and comics. I got given a free badge and a DVD of Pan's Labyrinth from them, which was great. They also took photos of me and Tristan standing in front of the Tardis, and made a fake SFX magazine cover, with us on it. The actor who played the Predator in the movies was also at the SFX stand. He was very tall, almost seven foot high.  

Read the latest issue of SFX magazine. Barry Chappell is the new Doctor Who! 

Pan's Labyrinth 

Whilst we were waiting for the rest of Tristan’s numbers to come up for the autograph queues, we watched one of the live shows at the stage area. They were judging fans costumes. There were allsorts of different outfits, including Batman, the Joker, Doctor Who, X-Men, Disney, as well as various anime and computer game characters. Some of the women looked quite attractive in their costumes, especially the one dressed as the Princess of Zelda. 


The Joker and his girlfriend 

A UNIT soldier and the tenth Doctor with his sonic screwdriver 

The X-Men 

Some Disney costumes 

Princess Zelda, who was quite hot in an elfy sort of way 

All of them up on stage 

Tristan got the rest of his autographs, and then we had a walk round the stalls again. 

We were getting quite tired and our legs were aching, so we left Earls Court to return back home. 

It was a fun day! 

Some videos made by the fans who went to the London Film and Comic Convention

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