Getting Back Into Drawing And Painting

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Last Friday I went into Guildford to visit the job centre, and I met up with Frog after my sign on appointment there. 

We both went for a drink at the Kings Head, and then round to his cottage by St Catherine's along the River Wey. 

At his cottage we had a go at sketching each other again. I sketched Frog whilst he was sketching me, and I have attached the drawing I did below. 

Sketch of Frog sketching me 

Frog’s sketch he did of me is also shown below. I liked the texture he did of my jumper. 

Frog's sketch of me sketching him 

After we had finished drawing, we put on a DVD, which was a horror film called Shrooms. The story is about some American teenagers on a camping holiday in Ireland, to try out magic mushrooms. The film was really bad and not scary at all, but at least due to it being so badly done, it made the film funny to watch by laughing at it. 

This week I am busy doing some more art of my own, as Frog has told me about a local calendar competition, where a painting of a scene in Guildford has to be produced and entered. I have chosen to do Guildford Castle. Frog is painting Guildford Cathedral. 

I have so far done an ink sketch of Guildford Castle, which is based on a photo I found, and I have just started painting it with some watercolours. I have not painted anything for years, so I’m a bit worried about messing it up. But, at least I have scanned and saved my ink sketch on my PC, so if I do mess it up by painting over it, then I still have a copy of the original ink sketch as shown below. 

My ink sketch of Guildford Castle 

The photo my painting will be based on

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