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Raji, an East Indian convenience store owner, conspires to fool people into thinking that he is a yokel from the old country. In reality, he is as American as Lincoln. The turban-and-accent routine is only to fool the public into thinking that shopkeepers are silly and harmless. In reality, they have a much more sinister purpose.

Shoes Off!

Stuart, a timid 31-year-old bachelor, is inspired to break out of his monotonous existence by a mysterious woman in beautiful black boots. He crashes a stuffy cocktail party in order to meet her, but gets kicked out after an incident involving shish kabobs and red wine. It is then that he discovers that the way to a woman's heart is through her shoes.

Holiday Romance

A would-be thief enters a house and finds plenty of reasons to make himself at home. Chief among them is the fact that he can't leave, having been trapped by his victim and forced to look after the place while she's on vacation. Can the tables be turned again?

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