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I went round my friend Frog’s cottage today.

We had a go at sketching each other.

It was fun to do, as I had not done any drawing by hand for many years.

I drew two pictures of Frog. I took a photo of him as well, as I may have a go at colouring in the drawings to match the colours in the photo.

Sketching Frog sketching me

Another sketch of Frog

Frog in his cottage

After we had finished drawing each other we walked along the River Wey from Guildford to Farncombe Boat House.

Farncombe Boat House

We had a nice lunch outside of Hectors Bistro, which is at Farncombe Boat house. It was very pleasant eating, drinking and watching the river whilst we were sat there.

Hectors Bistro behind Farncombe Boat House

There was a swan on the river near where we were eating and I was able to feed it some of my chips by hand. I was a bit nervous of the swan biting my hand at first, as it moved quickly, but I got used to it in the end.

As there are rowing boats for hire at Farncombe Boat House, we were hoping to row back to Frog’s cottage in Guildford along the river. But, unfortunately we couldn’t do that, as we could not leave the rowing boat at Guildford Boat House, as they were two separate companies.

So, we walked back along the river towards his cottage.

I ended up with some nasty blisters, as I was wearing a pair of boots, which I don’t often wear, and my feet could not take it.

As we arrived back at his cottage it started to rain, so we got back there just in time.

It was a very enjoyable day.

I'm going to miss day's like these once I start working again!

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