I Am On The Cover Of Guilfest 2008 Magazine

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My friend Tristan sent me a mobile text of a magazine cover, which is for Guilfest 2008. 

I saw that both myself and my friend Ian were together in a crowd shot taken during Guilfest 2007. This was when we went there to see some of the famous bands live at Stoke Park in Guildford. Click My First Time To Guilfest to read about me going to see it last year. 

Ian is on the far left, and I'm wearing a white short sleeved shirt 

Its a little difficult to make us out in the picture, as its at an angle. 

One of Tristan's friends saw the free magazines in a local gym, but instead of picking up a few copies for myself and Ian, she just took a picture of the cover with her mobile phone. 

I've tried Guilfest, Surrey Advertiser, Guildford Library, and Cranleigh Library, but they don't have the magazine. I will try my local gym, and a few more places. I'll hopefully track the magazine down!

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