Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer

I went to see the latest Indiana Jones film with Frog, Chris and Mark at the Odeon cinema in Guildford yesterday evening.

We were all quite excited about seeing this forth Indiana Jones film, as we remembered seeing the first three movies with fondness from our childhood.

Inside the cinema we bumped into one of Chris and Frog’s friends, who was a very attractive woman with long dark hair. Frog knew her because she is a local peace activist. I was surprised when Frog told me she was aged in her fifties, as she looked like she was instead in her mid- thirties.

There were quite a few adverts and trailers that we had to sit through to wait for the start of the film, but this is common with all films at the cinema now.

Harrison Ford who plays Indiana Jones was looking a lot older than he originally did, but it was good they didn’t try and make him be younger than what he is now. 

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

I liked the character of Henry “Mutt” Williams who was revealed to be Indiana’s son. It was a shame he was not used in a better way. 

Henry “Mutt” Williams

The film itself was good in places. However the fighting scenes on the vehicles, the waterfall, killer ants, and the ending didn’t use very good CGI, so a lot of it didn’t look very realistic. 

One of the vehicle fight scenes

It was a well used idea that the story was interlinked with Soviet agents, Roswell, aliens, crystal skulls, and Peru, but the plot was too predictable. 



The plot was basically the same as all the other Indiana films, i.e. baddies after a powerful ancient artefact, lots of chases, a fight with a tribe of natives, they go in a temple and hidden switches open doorways, baddie dies in the temple after learning the secrets of the powerful ancient artefact, temple gets destroyed, Indiana gets together with his lady. 

It was more of a joy ride of special effects, chases, and pure eye candy, rather than an intelligent storyline. 

If I was aged ten years old, then I would have thought the film was amazing. As a thirty one year old adult though, I found it a bit disappointing. 

I enjoyed going to the cinema to see it. A film like that needs to be watched on the big screen, to get the most out of it.

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