Chris' 27th Birthday Celebration

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Chris invited me out for his twenty seventh birthday celebration in Guildford. 

I met Chris round my friend Frog’s cottage by the river near St Catherine’s. Frog, Mark, and Becca were there too. 

Birthday boy Chris Carr at Frog's cottage

There were about ten people that were due to show up, and they said they’d meet us in the nearby pub the Ye Olde Ship Inn. 

Whilst we were in Frog’s cottage Mark gave out everyone badges to wear, which he had made himself. The badges read ‘DANGER Chris Carr is twenty seven and horny’. Mark is a graphic designer, and good at making arty fun and unusual things. 

The badges we wore on the night made by Mark 

Mark had also brought along his digital SLR camera with him to take some pictures during the evening. 

We messed around taking pictures whilst waiting in Frog’s cottage. Frog has a sculpture of a golden hand giving the finger, which was made by his artist friend Owen. Mark took a few photos of me presenting Chris the golden hand pretending it was an award. 

Giving Chris his award, the finger 

Chris with his award 

Then we left Frog’s cottage to walk over to the Ye Old Ship Inn. 

We sat inside and ordered our drinks. Other people then turned up to the pub to meet Chris including Julia, who is Frog’s housemate, Crispy (Chris P.) a friend of Julia’s, plus Emily and her friend, who are friends of Frog. 

They do some great food in there, and I ate a really nice pizza. 

After we had quite a few drinks some of us got a bit rowdy, this worried Frog a little bit, as he sometimes works there as a waiter. 

Mark and Chris took many photos of the events that happened that night. 

Me showing off the badge

Chris enjoying an Irish coffee 


Frog and his Guinness 

Frog drinking 

Me and Frog 

Mark and his girlfriend Becca 

Frog and Becca 

A blackboard behind where Mark was sitting fell on his head. 

Owch! Mark gets his head hit 

The blackboard behind Frog had a drink called ‘Cockspur’ chalked on it. But where Frog was sitting it looked like the word ‘cock’ was chalked on the board behind him! 


Notice the blackboard behind Frog 

There were a number of candles on our table, so hot wax ended up getting spilled all over the table with the messing about. Models were made of a figure, and then of a penis from the candle wax. 

Chris being lit by a candle on our table 


Julia hiding behind a candle 



Crispy lighting his tounge! 

The wax cock 

Crispy eating the wax cock 

It was getting late and they were closing the pub, so we left. 

Frog was worried he would get the sack after that evening! 

A picture was taken of Chris, me and Frog together outside. 

Chris, me and Frog 

They went to continue Chris’ birthday celebration at Frog’s cottage. I needed to head home, as I had stuff to do in the morning. 

It was a fun night out.

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