Hi-jinks On Hayling Island

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On Thursday, I thought it would be nice to spend a day at the seaside, as the sun was finally out in the sky. It was a good day for me to also take some pictures with my camera.

I invited my friend Frog to come along to Hayling Island with me, and I went to pick him up in my car from his cottage by the river. Frog brought along his video camera with him.

We both sat in my car, and I thought to try out my new TomTom GPS satellite navigation system, to find our way there. I programmed in the post code of The Ferry Boat Inn on Hayling Island into my TomTom. It's an excellent pub, with a good walk across the beach to sand dunes, and a ferry by the pub.

Frog gave me a CD full of MP3 songs to play in my car for the journey. He told me the songs all had a message. They were songs about peace, love, harmony, that kind of thing, which I expected from Frog, as he is a bit of a hippy.

I drove off towards Hayling Island, with Frog in the passenger seat in the front, following the directions my TomTom gave us. I had driven there before and knew the way, but I wanted to get used to my TomTom giving me directions, to try it out.

We got on the A3 motorway and headed towards the Portsmouth direction.

I found my TomTom a little distracting, and on a few occasions I accidently went down the wrong road, or motorway. At one point it took me about 17 miles the wrong way, and I had to wait a long time for a turning to appear, to take me back in the right direction. These minor problems were due to a slight delay with the ladies voice coming out of my TomTom, so she sometimes caused me troubles when driving 70 miles an hour. She was in fact just like a real woman sitting in my car, shouting out stuff to me all the time, and making me go wrong.

Eventually we saw the sea and Hayling Island in the distance as we drove towards it.

We were quite thirsty by then, and we both needed the loo, so we stopped off at a pub called The Ship Inn.

The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn is just before bridge to Hayling Island, overlooking Chichester harbour. A lovely spot to stop.

I switched off Mrs TomTom and hid her away out of view when I locked up my car.

We went inside the pub, and Frog bought us a round of drinks and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps each at the bar. It was like being inside an old ship. Me and Frog then sat outside the pub at a bench together on the quayside patio, to eat our crisps, and drink our beer.
After our crisps and beer, we decided to go for a walk along the edge of the harbour. As we walked together we passed a man with his dog. We asked him to take the below photo.

Frog and me

Then we took a few photos of each other.



Ha ha. Frog is a mad bugger!

So am I!

We passed an old mill that had a lake with a swan on it. The swan was quite defensive and it attacked Frog's DM boots with its beak.

Swan attacking Frog

The tide was in, so we could not walk along the shore line. This made it difficult walking along one stretch. As we had to push our way through bushes and small trees along an overgrown pathway.

We eventually entered a church graveyard. It was an interesting graveyard. One section of it was devoted to young children's graves. These graves were quite a sad sight, as they were decorated with toys, and specially made graves in the shape of cars and teddy bears. It made us think of the young children and families. There were some wind chimes on a yew tree blowing in the wind and making a nice sound. Frog took a video of the children's graves, and I took a few pictures, as it was an unusual and sad sight. Two of the gravediggers nearby spotted us, they asked us not to take anymore pictures or video.

Frog filming the children's graves



After Frog had finished filming, we went inside the church. We took a few photos of each other pretending to be the new Messiah, to out do David Shayler, as he thinks he may be the new Jesus, which I mention in my previous blog. I also took a few photos of the stain glass windows, and Frog did some more filming in there.

Move over David Shayler, a new Jesus is born!

Frog makes a better new Jesus than me

Frog's prayer to David Shayler

A stain glass window with a picture of a monk on it

I think this guy could be a Saint?

I want some windows like this in my room

We then left the church and its interesting graveyard and headed back towards my car.

As we got close back to The Ship Inn pub, there was a field with a horse by the fence. We stroked the horse for a while, and it nibbled at my jacket.

Frog with horse

Horse eats Barry

We reached my car at the car park, and we got in it to drive over the bridge to Hayling Island. I thought I turned off Mrs TomTom, but as we got in my car we could hear her talking away in my glove box telling me how to get to Hayling Island.

I drove us across the bridge to Hayling Island.

Driving across the island to The Ferry Boat Inn we came across a road traffic accident, there was police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine, with cones blocking the road. Luckily for us there was a turning in the road, we drove down a posh housing estate, with big houses lining the roads, and I eventually came back on our road again, in front of the road traffic accident, so we could drive away from it.

The Ferry Boat Inn car park came into view and I parked us there. We then went inside the pub and we ordered our drinks and lunchtime meals. The lady behind the bar was quite nice.

The Ferry Boat Inn

For my meal I tried out the vegetarian gateau. I thought for a brief second it would be ice cream, but it was made out of cheese and vegetables. I enjoyed it, as it was very good food. Frog enjoyed his meal as well.

I made a phone call whilst sat in a pub to an actress, as I was meeting her in London the next day, to discuss me becoming her agent, for a bit of extra money. I gave Frog my mobile to speak to her as well, and he had a chat with her. I agreed to meet her at Covent Garden the next day in my call.

Me and Frog enjoyed sitting in the pub, as the sun was shinning through the window onto us making us both warm. We enjoyed the view of the blue sea through the window as well.

It was now the late afternoon, so I suggested to Frog that we leave the pub and go on the ferry trip across the sea, to see where it goes. We left the pub and made our way to the ferry.

We waited for the ferry; it was like being at a bus stop. There was even an old lady inside a shelter, much like you would see at a road side bus stop. A few other people joined us at the ferry waiting point, such as a guy on a bicycle, and a local character, who was dressed in a long black leather coat, with a black cowboy hat upon his head.

The ferry then arrived, and we got on. The ferry was quite small. The skipper of the boat was an old chap in his early 60's, with a reddish weather worn face, and curly white hair. He had an earring in one ear. The old skipper spoke and looked like a pirate. We paid the skipper for our return tickets. He warned us a few times about the time of the last ferry back, and not to miss it. The old skipper made me think that maybe dead sailor zombies came out at night on the other island, and he was warning us not to miss the last ferry back, in case the dead sailor zombie islanders catch us, and use us as fish bate!

The ferry then left the dock and sailed towards the island on the other side.

As we crossed the sea we took a few pictures of each other, the boat, and other boats on the sea. I notice Frog took all the pictures of me at an angle, like something out of an old 1960's Batman episode!

An old boat

More boats

Our boat and the other passengers

Frog on the boat

Barry on the boat

Frog being blown by the wind

The sea had a strong current, so the boat was sort of going sideways and being carried along with the current at an angle to the other island.

We arrived at the island and got off the boat. There was a stony beach, seagulls, boats, a road, a duck on the beach, and not much else on view. So we decided to walk down the road to see where it would lead us to.

Hayling Island is across the sea


I did not know ducks like the sea

A few people drove past us down the road on mopeds and a couple of cars went past too.

We walked past a lifeboat centre, a harbour with boats, and a strange looking military base with big radars around it.

Frog found some large square stone blocks, and he leaped across them, like a frog leaping from one Lilly pad to another. I took some photos of this. I also took a picture of him on the beach waving one of his rainbow coloured gloves at me.

Frog leap frogging



Frog waving

We walked on further down the road, in search of a shop, or something to look round, but we just came to a housing estate. So, I suggested for a bit of fun, that we head back up the road to check out the strange military base.

We went up to the entrance of the military base and we read a tourist information placard about it. The base is called Fort Cumberland, there was an aerial photograph of the area on the tourist placard. The shape of Fort Cumberland was pentagonal. It was erected to guard the entrance to Langstone Harbour, east of the naval port of Portsmouth. It was sited to protect the Royal Navy Dockyard, by preventing enemy forces from landing in Langstone Harbour and attacking from the landward side. You can read all about the place by clicking on this link Fort Cumberland.

A birds eye view of the base. See its shape!

Fort Cumberland looked a bit rundown, but it appeared to still be in use by the military, as we saw a car drive out of the entrance. There were also CCTV cameras all along the perimeter fence, the radars were in good condition and looked fairly new, and there were signs on the fence reading MOD and BAE.





BAE manufacture radar systems, HAARP, amongst other things. The company has been the subject of criticism, both general opposition to the arms trade and also specific allegations of unethical and corrupt practices, including the Al Yamamah contracts with Saudi Arabia that have earned BAE and its predecessor 43 billion in twenty years. You can read about BAE here BAE Systems info.

We walked along the edge of the perimeter of Fort Cumberland by the beach. The sea was right up close to one part of it. I didn't think we'd get across that bit, but Frog leaped across, and I followed. As I went across, a wave came along the same time as me, and went all over my new blue suede trainers, soaking my feet.

After we got across the bit where the sea was coming in, we got on to the beach. There were lots of square stone blocks of various sizes along the beach, which myself and Frog leaped across.

As we had a few drinks earlier, we both needed a pee, so we peeded together against a big stone block, as there was no where else to go. I noticed a CCTV camera on the fence behind me after I'd finished.

We left the beach and walked into a car park. There was a car parked there with a group of guys sitting in the car watching us, which was a bit weird. I wondered if they were MOD staff , who maybe had seen us larking about on their CCTV cameras.

So, we left the Fort Cumberland area and walked along the beach. A load of seagulls were feeding off some abandoned fish and chips on the beach, so Frog took out his video camera and filmed the birds. I took a few photos of the seagulls and of Frog too.

Seagulls - or 'Shit Hawks' as my Great Nan used to call them


Frog filming Seagulls


After that we headed to where the ferry waiting point was. We sat on a wall waiting for the ferry. I took a few more pictures, and then we got on the ferry back to Hayling Island. Frog had lost his ferry ticket, but the pirate skipper remembered him, so it was ok. It was a little bit colder on the ferry back, so we sat inside a sheltered part of the boat.

When we got back to Hayling Island, we walked along the shore to where the sand dunes were. I filmed Frog amongst the sand dunes on his camcorder. He talked in the video about his dream of being an antelope. I took some more photos, and we together from the sand dunes we watched the sun set on the sea horizon.

Frog by the sand dunes

Watching the sunset on Hayling Island

After that we walked back to my car, and I drove Frog back to Guildford using Mrs TomTom, and I then headed home.

It was a nice day out at the coast, and good to get some sea air into my lungs.

I looked up where we had caught the ferry to on the internet. It was a place called Eastney. Check out this website Eastney nudists. There is a nudist beach there, which I never knew, but there were some amusing photos on the internet of naked people bathing on that beach, which I have included below.

Nudists who may get burnt in places I would never want to see

Gross! I'm glad we never saw this

You never see fit looking nudists, its always old people that do it!

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