Susie Clake Gig At The Tup And Meeting Newton Faulkner

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Susie Clarke's Acoustic EP

I was invited to see a gig at a pub called the Tup in Guildford. A performer called Susie Clake was singing there with her band. As I have briefly met Susie before, through Frog, who is friends with her, I thought I'd go to it. I've also heard through Frog and Ian that Susie is the girlfriend of Newton Faulkner, and he was in the charts recently. My friend Ian has met Susie Clarke and Newton Faulkner before at a party with Frog. I also read that MTV were going to be filming the gig. So, I thought it was a great way for me to get on TV again and it would be a fun evening for me.

Susie Clarke singing 'Crazy' - filmed by Frog

"Spiral Bonding" with Newton Faulkner by Frog

I had a stinking cold, but I didn't care, as I wanted to get out of the house, rather than be stuck at home with it.

I invited a few of my friends to go the gig with me, and Ian and Bianca agreed to come along with me. 

I picked up Ian from his parents house in Guildford, then I drove us to the Guildford train station to pick up Bianca. Bianca is a new local friend that I've recently made, who is originally from Durban South Africa, she has just moved to Woking. 

Ian introduced himself to Bianca, and then I drove us to the town centre, where I parked and we walked from there to the Tup. 

When we were in the Tup, we had some drinks, and then we moved to the stage area. We saw the MTV film crew with their cameras and equipment. There were a few warm up acts, the first girl that sang, both me and Ian knew her, she is called Lesley, she's one of Frog's friends, and she sings in their band Solace. Lesley played some songs on her guitar, then another warm up came on, this time it was a guy with a beard, who was not so great. 

Lesley on her guitar singing some songs

Some beardy guy on guitar singing, who was not so great

Susie Clake then came on with her band. Me and Ian spotted Richie on guitar, he sings with another friend we know called Joe. Joe is the boyfriend of Julia, and Julia is Frog's housemate.

A lot more people moved towards the stage to see Susie Clake. Then a guy who was about seven foot tall stood at the front, and he obstructed our view. So, me, Ian and Bianca stood on a box at the back, as we could not see over the heads of the crowd. The box was for one of the cameras, but they did not film from there, so it was ok for us to stand on it. Newton Faulkner was standing next to me in the crowd, as he was watching his girlfriend Susie sing with her band. 

Susie Clarke and her band. See the MTV cameraman on the left

The MTV crew kept pointing the camera towards the crowd to film Newton's reaction to his girlfriend singing. As I was standing next to him, I was being filmed too. Look out for me on MTV in March!

I asked Ian to take a photo of me and Newton Faulkner standing together on my mobile. Unfortunately my mobile does not take very good photos in the dark, so it looks like I'm standing with that comedian out of Bo Selecta, and not Newton! 

Me and Newton Faulkner, although it could be anybody, as my mobile does not take very good photos!

Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner

Whilst I was standing in the crowd, I recognised a pretty young woman walk past me. I don't know her in person, but I know of her, because of the MySpace website. It was Kristie from my MySpace friend list! Kristie and her friends like reading my blog, and we've exchanged a few messages on MySpace, so we've only known each online, up until that point. I enjoyed meeting Kristie and her friends, and it made me laugh that Kristie recognised Ian from my blog too! I probably didn't live up to the reputation of my blog, as I had a stinking cold that night, so I looked a bit rough, and was not that chatty, but hopefully she liked me. Kristie told me that I'm famous in my village, as they all read my blog, I didn't know that. It was funny meeting someone who knew me so well, just from reading about me in my blog, but who has never met me in person before. Maybe I'll see Kristie around in my village; it will be one face I know there now. I don't know anyone in my village, even though I have lived here quite a few years now, I don't socialise with anyone in the area, as I'm from Guildford originally. So I'm always out in my home town, and never in the village, apart from the few times when I need to visit the bank, or rent a DVD from Blockbuster there.

Kristie - the nice girl from my MySpace friend list

After Susie had done her set, we all cheered, and then the MTV film crew and the crowd all disappeared into the night.

We then left the Tup and said our goodbyes. Ian walked back home, and I drove Bianca back to her home in Woking. 

That night in the Tup made me realise that we do indeed live in a very small world. This thought came to me, as I was meeting people that knew me, or I knew of them through other people, all throughout the evening.

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