Boys Night Out In Guildford

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On Friday 9th July last year, my friend Tristan invited me out. He wanted to see the new Backline club in Guildford, as he was interested in hosting his future Pure Dance DJing events there. I invited some other male friends to join me out, which was Ian, Russell and Mark.

Me, Ian, Russell and Mark met up for some drinks before Tristan had arrived in Guildford.

The four of us went inside the Casino Nightclub for some drinks. The club was empty, as it was early, so we sat on the roof terrace. The roof terrace is decorated with some palm trees and has some seats and tables. The lights look good from where we were sat, we could see a laser light show projected on the wall of another building.

The Casino Nightclub

Inside the Casino Nightclub

Russell inside the club

Ian enjoying a drink on the roof terrace

Me and Ian enjoying our beer

Russell and Mark

The laser light effects

We only had a couple of drinks in the Casino Nightclub, as it is pricey in there. Mark left before us, as he could not stay out for long.

We then walked towards the new Backline club and across a railway bridge. Guildford Cathedral was in the distance, and all lit up at night.

Guildford Cathedral is over yonder

Its quite difficult to find the Backline club, you have to walk over a railway bridge away from the centre of town, then go into a multi-storey car park, down some flights of stairs, then walk out of  the multi-storey car park, under the railway bridge, and the club is next the railway line inside the arches of the bridge.

The new Backline club

I called Tristan and we met him inside the club, it was pretty much empty inside.

Tristan inside Backline

There was a downstairs bar, and an upstairs bar. The ceiling was high, a collection of green plastic bottles were in a circle hanging from it and all lit up.

Fifty green bottles, Hanging on the ceiling, Fifty green bottles, Hanging on the ceiling, And if one green bottle, Should accidentally fall, There'll be forty nine green bottles, Hanging on the ceiling

Me, Ian and Russell were not sure about the Backline club, although it had only just recently opened.

Tristan felt that the Backline club had potential, and that he would host some of his future Pure Dance DJ’ing events there.

Me, Ian and Russell went to stand outside of the club for a bit near the railway line. We were quite merry, as the drinks had been flowing. I found a traffic cone, and wore it on my head like a top hat.

Ian and Russell joking around outside of Backline

Me and my new top hat

Me, Ian and Russell left the Backline club to find somewhere else to go. Tristan stayed there to make futher enquires.

The three of us walked into town and went into the Tudor Lounge. The floor projector this time was showing spinning smiley faces. We had some more drinks there, and then we headed home.

Smiley spinning faces projected on the floor

Smiley faces on me

Ian in conversation with Russell

It was interesting to see inside the new Backline club, I look forward to see what future events will be hosted in there.

A boy’s night out in Guildford was fun.

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