Sunny Sunday In Guildford

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Last year was a great summer for me. There were plenty of warm sunny days, with many nice and enjoyable days out.

On a warm sunny Sunday at the end of June last year, I took Lushele for a walk down the River Wey in Guildford. She had never walked along it before.

The River Wey has a lot of memories for me, it was a place I used to go fishing with my grandfather, I played along the riverbank as a young boy, I've been on boat trips along it, I've driven a boat down it, I've walked along the riverbank with many different friends and relatives throughout my years, and now I live in a place overlooking the river, where I can watch the boats, people and wildlife pass by my living room window.

I took my camera with me to capture some more memories of being by the river.

Lushele was wearing a yellow sunny coloured dress, which matched the bright sunny day we were having.

Mellow Yellow

We started the walk along the river in front of my flat to Woodbridge Meadows. I have been there before with other friends, which you can read about here.

The yellow flowers of the meadow matched the colour of Lushele's sunny dress.

Lushele and her yellow dress matching the sunny weather and yellow flowers of the wild flowers of the meadow

I took some great pictures within the Woodbridge Meadows, there was the model train, the giant buried in the ground, the trees with faces, the wooden ship with its sails, and other wooden carvings made from old trees along the route.

Lushele and the model steam train in Woodbridge Meadows

Lushele sitting on the giant's face

Lushele by the giant's feet

The giant's hand reaching out of the ground for Lushele

A tree with a face looking like it came out of the Lord of the Rings fantasy

A tree with a lady's face

Every tree has its roots

Me and Lushele by one of the magic trees

King of the trees

Me with an otter who is proud of the fish he has caught

Lushele with the otter and his fish

Lushele and the ship with its sails

Me by the ship's mast

Me and Lushele sat on the ship's deck

Lushele by the entrance of Woodbridge Meadows

Me by the entrance of Woodbridge Meadows

After I had shown Lushele Woodbridge Meadows, we walked back along the river the way we had come.

Lushele under a bridge walking along the river back the way we came

We went further up the river to where the bronze Alice in Wonderland statue was located on some grass by the White House pub.

It’s a well sculpted statue of Alice sitting on the grass reading the Alice In Wonderland book, in front of her feet is a rabbit about to disappear down a rabbit hole. We took some photos by the statue and next to a willow tree there as well.

Lushele with Alice in Wonderland

Lushele watching the White Rabbit running towards its rabbit hole

Lushele under the willow tree

We then entered a walled garden close to the river and we took some more pictures by the sundial there.

Lushele in her sunny dress by the sundial

Its sunny time

Debenhams department store is on the other side of the river to us

We returned to the river and came to a weir.

Lushele standing on the weir

Me on the weir

Not far from the weir there was an unusual bench with a gap in the middle. We took some funny photos of us on the bench, it looked as though the bench was swallowing us.

Lushele on the bench

Careful Lushele, don't get eaten by the bench!

Lushele is being swallowed by the bench, its like something out of Doctor Who!

Too late, she has had it!

The deadly bench now has Barry in its grasp

There were some barge boats further up the river. They looked nice in their painted colours.

Barge boats on the river behind Lushele

We found a hidden doorway, which was covered by ivy. I took a picture of Lushele entering the doorway.

The secret garden

As we walked together along the riverbank we came across a swarm of flying ants, Lushele shook her dress to remove them from her yellow dress. They must have thought she was a flower.

Lushele being attacked by flying ants

We were now close to Frog’s cottage along the river, so I gave him a call on my mobile, and he was at home in his cottage garden, with some of his workmates. Frog is lucky to work with some nice friendly caring people, who work together looking after autistic kids.

I joined Frog and his workmates in his garden for a few beers, and we ate some of their fruit and sweets. I introduced them to Lushele.

Frog in the centre with his workmates

Me and Lushele in Frog's garden

Me and Lushele then left Frog and his friends and we walked up St Catherine's Hill to St Catherine’s Chapel.

I showed Lushele the Chapel and we took some photos standing next to it.

Lushele by St Catherine's Chapel

Barry Chappell next to another Chapel

I showed Lushele the sandy cliff near the Chapel, which overlooks the river.

I climbed down to the cliff edge, Lushele took off her shoes and followed me. We sat on the edge of the sandy cliff together admiring the view of the hills beyond, and watching the River Wey flow beneath us.

Lushele taking off her shoes so she can join me on the sand

Come down and join me, its not that high

It was romantic watching the sunset together, whilst we were sat close together on the sand, we kissed and enjoyed each others company.

The edge of the sandy cliff over looking the river below

A view of houses on chalk cliffs across the river

As it started to get dark we could see the Guildford Castle light up in the distance.

Guildford Castle at lighting up at night

We then walked back home to my flat before it got too dark for us to see along the river.

One of the bridges we went under was lit up in pretty ultraviolet colours.

The ultraviolet lights on the bridge to match Lushele's sun dress

Me under the bridge

Me and Lushele both enjoyed our day by the river on that end of June Sunny Sunday.

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