Pure Dance In The Boileroom

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On the evening of Friday 25th June last year, I went along to an event which my friend Tristan was hosting at the Boileroom in Guildford.

Tristan was doing his second DJ’ing event under his new Pure Dance Events company, and it was the first event of his that was to be held inside the Boileroom. The last Pure Dance event of his I went to was in a pub in Elstead, which you can read about here.

I took Lushele along with me to Tristan’s event. Lushele and I had recently started dating earlier that week, we were getting on very well together. Lushele was wearing a nice outfit, which I had asked her to wear, as I liked seeing her dressed in it at the office where we both worked at the time.

Lushele in her office gear

My friend Tom came along to the event too. It was good to see him again, he was also at my house warming party the weekend before. Both Tristan and Tom used to work with me at the same healthcare insurance firm, it felt like old times again to have a fun night out with each other.

We met Tristan, his girlfriend Kate, and his other friends in the pub garden of the Boileroom for a few drinks and a chat together. Tristan gave us some glow sticks for the event.

Tristan on the left with one of his DJ's for his event

Tristan's girlfriend on the right with one of her friends on the left

Me and my new girlfriend Lushele


The DJ’ing then started inside the Boileroom. It was a mix of trance and other dance music. Tristan had some of his other DJ friends play some tunes and mixes as well.

Everyone on the dance floor in the Boileroom

It was good music to dance along to. Tom, Lushele and myself had a really great night out at Tristan’s first Pure Dance event inside the Boileroom.

Tom enjoying the music and dancing

Dancing with Lushele

Me with my glow stick and Lushele

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