My Birthday & Housewarming Party

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For my 34th birthday party back in June of last year, my friend Valerie came up with the idea that I should combine it with my housewarming party. I went along with Valerie's good idea, and I also decided that after we had a party at my flat, that we could all head to the Tickled Ivory bar to continue the celebrations there.

I always try and do something different each year on my birthday, read about my previous birthday celebrations here;- My Birthday With The BBC, My Birthday And Brittany and My 30th Birthday Party.

By June of last year, I had finished most of the basic work on my flat, so it was ready for a housewarming party.

My flat

The view from my hall window, my car is in the car park, plus the Dapdune Belle boat (which I recently went on) is sailing down the River Wey

The view from my living room window

Part of the hall, leading to my bedroom on the far left, and which has now become the second bedroom directly in-front

My toilet in my bathroom, which has a seaside and underwater theme

My living room re-arranged for the party

The view of the front door and hall from my kitchen

My kitchen

My hall

The intercom on my wall to find out who is at the door downstairs

The view of my neighbours flat through the spyhole in my front door

I arranged my Birthday & Housewarming Party for Saturday 19th June, as my birthday last year was on a Tuesday.

I sent out lots of party invites via the Facebook website and by email.

I bought lots of food, and drink, and I spent most of that Saturday morning preparing and cooking the food, as well as rearranging the living room to make space for my guests.

Some of the nice food and drink I had on offer at my party

Lots of food to use for the dips

Plenty of booze

A favourite from the 1970's, cheese with pineapple, silver-skin pickled onions, and gherkins, on cocktail sticks stuck in half a grapefruit

Crackers with cream cheese and pineapple



Everyones favourite a pizza

Sweet things

Lushele was the first to arrive at my party.


Lushele enjoying a drink in my flat

Me and Lushele

Then it was Tom, Mark, Sal, Ian, Russell, Damian and Kay. Nine was a good number to have in my flat.

Tom, a workmate from the good old days when I worked for an insurance company

Mark on the left and me

Sal enjoying a drink



Damian with Sal

Kay on the right

Mark just had laser eye surgery that day, so it was good of him to come along to my party that day. His eyes were swollen and bloodshot.  He couldn't stay long due to his operation, but I was pleased that he had made it.

One of Mark's swollen eyes

Mark could hardly see anything that night

Ian bought me a bottle of raspberry flavoured Absolut Vodka and a miniature tea set with tiny cups, saucers, and teapot. Ian said that he couldn't find me shot glasses as a present, so he bought me the mini tea party set instead. It was fun drinking shots together using the mini teapot and cups and saucers.

Ian with his Absolut

Ian's gift was a bottle of Absolut and mini tea set

Bottoms up!


Drinking shots with my pinky out, due to drinking from a tiny teacup

Enjoying shots together, strong stuff!

Lushele had bought me a nice Hugo aftershave set, which included Hugo shampoo as well. It was a very nice gift, as I wear Hugo a lot.

Other friends bought me bottles of drink, cooking utensils, and other nice things.

I put on some dance music, and everyone was enjoying themselves with the food and drink on offer.

Sal enjoying the food

Lushele enjoying the food

Damian opening some wine

Kay drinking some wine

Me, Russell, and Damian enjoying some beer

Tom, Ian and me enjoying drinking

Russell enjoying a drink

Tom enjoying a beer

Lushele and Kay chatting

Some of the girls disappeared into the kitchen and then brought me out a big chocolate birthday cake complete with candles, which I blew out and they sang happy birthday to me. It was very sweet of them.

My birthday cake is brought out


I'm getting so old that all of the candles are almost making a bonfire

Later on that evening, we headed to the Tickled Ivory bar. Damian knocked on my neighbour's door, then run off on the way out, which was funny.

A girl I knew called Dominika who was working at the Tickled Ivory bar, was also celebrating her birthday there, it was her 25th. She is a fun, pretty, bubbly, blond girl. We met up with her, plus her brother and sister. Dominika was dressed in a nice black dress. She is a nice friendly girl.

The lovely Dominika

Dominika with her brother and sister

My friend Valerie was also in the Tickled Ivory bar. She greeted me, and I introduced her to some of my new friends.

Me and the glamorous Valerie

We had a dance on the dance floor, and some more drinks and then decided to continue the party back at my flat. Valerie sadly couldn't make it along to the party in my flat.

The party and drinking in my flat continued until the next day, it was me, Lushele, Ian and Russell who were the hardcore ones left.

We all got quite drunk and had fun taking photos of each other.

Me being a zombie

Lushele being a moose

Russell being a gargoyle

Russell drunk

Ian drunk

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

The sun coming up

Ian was the last to leave at around 7am in the morning.

Ian the party animal

It was a great way to enjoy my birthday last year. I’ll have to think of something special to top that, to celebrate my 35th next month.

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