Reggae Rooms Bank Holiday Special At The Boileroom

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I went to a fun Reggae event in Guildford at the Boileroom with friends Ian and Sal at the end of May. I took my camera along with me.

Bob Marley - Jamming

Its a regular monthly Reggae event, but the first one I had been along to.

We met in the back garden of the Boileroom, and we drank plenty of drinks, it was a nice, hot, sunny day.

Sal, Ian, and me enjoying sitting outside in the back garden of the Boileroom



Ian and myself were dressed in the Reggae style, whilst Sal turned up practically dressed in an evening gown.

There were quite a few people sat outside, plus a BBQ.


Lots of people, a very popular event


A good selection of BBQ dishes

Sal noticed a sign for the BBQ, which was spelt wrong. It read ‘Fodd? Then BQQ!’ Sal pointed out this amusing error to one of the bar staff, and they changed the sign to read ‘Hungry? Then BBQ’ I took pictures before and after the change.



Sal didn’t stay that long, as she felt out of place by being dressed so formally.

Formal Sal

Myself and Ian then went inside the Boileroom to join the party, watch the bands, and listen to the DJ’s.

Me and Ian inside the Boileroom

Me enjoying the event

Ian pulling a funny face

Ian enjoying the event

It was a cool crowd of performers and people inside the club with their dreads and Reggae style.

One of the DJ's doing his cool stuff on the decks

The crowd enjoying the music

The MC

A couple on the dance floor

Two guys posing for a picture for a laugh

We danced to the music, it was fun and a great atmosphere. The music was a mix of classics and different styles, such as Reggae, Rocksteady, Dub, and Ska.

People dancing

I look forward to going to another Reggae event at the Boileroom again very soon.

Earl Gateshead opening tune - Reggae Rooms Bank Holiday 2010


Reggae Rooms Bank Holiday Special May 2010 Chris Unwanted Part 1

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