Punting In Cambridge

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During my week holiday in May, my friend Jeannie invited me to join her for a day out in Cambridge. A place full of history and the world famous University of Cambridge.

Cambridge walk

I took Ian along with me, plus my camera. We caught the train from Guildford to Waterloo, and then got on the London Underground to arrive at Kings Cross St Pancras.

We waited for Jeannie to arrive. She eventually came along with some friends she had made from a London Social Meetup.com group.

Jeannie introduced us to her new friends. It was a guy called Stefan who runs the London Social Meetup.com group who had organised the day trip to Cambridge.

We got on the train to Cambridge, and a few of the London Meetup.com crowd joined us on our row of seats together with Jeannie.

Jeannie in the orange jacket on the train

It was an interesting crowd of people, they were all living and working in London apart from me and Ian. Two of them worked for well known newspapers.

The train soon arrived in Cambridge, and we all got off at the station.

It was a lovely warm, and sunny day.

There was a little bit of a debate to who was doing what and with whom amongst the London Meetup.com crowd. Some of them had pre-paid to do punting and to do other things in Cambridge, and they working out between them what time to them. They then went and sat by the river to have their lunch picnics.

The London Social Meetup.com group sitting on the grass enjoying their picnics

Me, Ian, Jeannie, and her friend Nadia decided to break from the group to check out Cambridge ourselves. We said that we would catch up with them later after lunchtime.

The first thing I noticed when I left the station was the large amount of bicycles parked outside it, and all the people whizzing around on them. I have never seen so many in one place before.

Lots of bikes in Cambridge

We walked round Cambridge admiring the Gothic and grand style buildings and colleges. It all looked a bit like something out of a Harry Potter story.

The grand and Gothic colleges of Cambridge

A strange looking clock with a giant insect above it

One of the many streets

It was quite bizarre, whilst we were walking round we saw a lady push the famous British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking past us in his wheelchair. I almost asked for an autograph, but that might have been inappropriate if I had thought about it.

Stephen Hawking

We had a look at some of the colleges from the outside, but we’d didn’t go inside them, as each college charged an entrance fee.

Nadia, Ian and Jeannie walking towards one of the colleges

Me, Nadia, and Jeannie in-front of one of the colleges

Me, Nadia, and Ian

Jeannie, Ian, and Nadia

One of my friends later told me that he was a student there, and he has a student card, which can gain us entry to the colleges for free, so if I visit Cambridge again in the future, then I’ll go with him.

We then went inside a very nice pub called the Anchor, which was by a bridge over looking the River Cam. We had some drinks and lunch there, and watched the people outside punting on the river from the window.

After Nadia had finished her meal, she went to join the rest of the London Social Meetup.com group. Then, it was left with just Ian, Jeannie, and me.

We thought about punting on the river ourselves, but then we were worried about falling in, so we instead went on a boat where a local tour guide was punting for us. The punts where just outside of the pub.

This is where we got on our punting ride

Another group being punted away down the river before us

We sat in a punt with a group of other people, and then we set off along the river. It was interesting seeing many of the colleges from the boat and hearing about the history of Cambridge from the punter who was also our tour guide.

Ian, Jeannie, and me on the boat being punted down the River Cam

The three of us enjoying the ride

Some ducks enjoying the river

Geese on the river

Lots of punters

The guide was a young gentleman, who was studying law at Cambridge, he sounded very intelligent and knowledgeable about the area.

Our punter

We also saw Stefan who runs the London Social Meetup.com group punting in another boat with some of his members, at once stage he lost hold of the punting pole into the river.

Stefan punting

Stefan's passengers look a bit scared!

I took this short video as our punting trip was ending back towards the Anchor pub.

Being Punted on the River Cam

After we finished the punting trip, we walked round Cambridge some more enjoying the sights.


Ian and Jeannie

We saw various different streets, buildings, an old Chapel, a craft market, plus some shops.

Entering the town centre

Nice car

Jeannie inside the Chapel

The craft market

We stopped off at another pub by the River Cam and enjoyed some Pimms together to cool down away from the hot sun.

Ian and Jeannie enjoying some Pimms

Jeannie got a call from Stefan, and so we met up with the rest of the London Meetup.com group in a pub. They were about to have an evening meal together.

It was getting late, so me and Ian wished Jeannie and her friends a good night and thanked them for a good day out, and we walked back to the train station.

We got back home late at night.

It was a great seeing Cambridge, a new place for me, which I had not been to before.

Borat - Cambridge University

Comments on Punting In Cambridge

Posted by stevebethere from bethere2day | 15 July, 2010 9:02 AM | stevebethere from bethere2day's home page | | Permalink

I like all the photos you took of Cambridge it's such a lovely place

It brought back memories as i visited friends there a long time ago loved every minute

Glad you enjoyed your time there and thanks for sharing.

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 15 July, 2010 5:27 PM | www.bchappell.info | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog.

I liked visiting Cambridge with my friends, its an interesting city and a good day out. I'll have to visit Oxford sometime.

Posted by Chris | 15 September, 2010 4:59 PM | | Permalink

You have some beautiful pictures there. I'm hoping to get to Cambridge in December, I've seen some pictures of the Christmas Markets and they look wonderful.

Did you get the impression that there were locals punting on the Cam as well or was it mainly geared towards tourists?

Edited: 18 October, 2010 8:05 AM

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 18 October, 2010 8:07 AM | www.bchappell.info | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Thank you, glad you liked the photos.

They were mainly students studying in Cambridge who were doing the punting.

Its worth a visit.

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