Sunny Days In Guildford

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I had an enjoyable week’s holiday back in May. It was my first proper week off since moving into my new flat in Guildford.

During my week off, I got to appreciate living back in my home town again.

The weather was warm and sunny, and I caught up with some friends who now live a stones throw away from me.

Ian and Frog were amongst the first few of my friends to view my new home.

Frog also lives along the same side of the river as me, but he lives further up by St Catherine’s.

Frog and Ian arrived at my flat at the same time. Frog had come on his bike.

Ian with Frog and his bike

I was given a nice big bottle of Baileys Irish Cream with a Hint of Crème Caramel, which was lovely. We shared it out in glasses with ice.


They both liked my flat, which was good to hear.

After we finished our drinks and had a chat, we left my flat and walked along the river towards The Boatman.

We bought some drinks there and sat outside. It’s a great pub to sit outside during summertime to watch the boats go past.

The Boatman

The view from sitting outside of The Boatman

I took some photos as we got merry on our beers and spirits. There were some funny faces and poses.

Frog enjoying his strawberry beer

Frog deep in discussion

Ian and me

Ian enjoying his beer

Ian looking serious

Me enjoying rum and cokes

I've had my haircut since then

The start of the funny faces by Frog

Frog's impressive funny face

Ian's equally impressive funny face

We spent many hours at the pub, it was a great day spent out with friends.

On the way out of the pub, we walked across a path, which had a ‘no cyclists’ type sign painted on it. I guess it’s a sign to do with cyclists. There was a man painted above a bike with a large penis hanging between his legs. A joker must have painted the extra addition to the sign. It was very amusing.

This sign warns "Danger Beware Of A Man With An Erection Jumping Over A Bicycle

Over the next few days I revisited Woodbridge Meadows, which I last walked through last year, which you can read about here.

I showed Woodbridge Meadows which is near my flat to both Ian, and again the next day my pretty and lovely Russian lady friend Inna.

Woodbridge Meadows

Ian reading the signs in Woodbridge Meadows

Ian standing by the buried giant


The lovely Inna by the giants foot

Kissing the otter. Lucky otter ;-)

Standing with Inna on the imaginary boat

I got some great pictures with my camera.

I had a very nice time with Inna that day, I showed her the Guildford Castle Grounds, the Alice Through the Looking Glass statue, we also went for a picnic together, then some more drinks at The Boatman. We also saw a friend’s band play in town.

Inna by Guildford Castle

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Enjoying the picnic and Inna's great company

Drinks at The Boatman


I wish every week could be as enjoyable as that in Guildford.

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