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I had a week holiday off work back in May.

I enjoyed my time off, I did not go abroad or on a proper holiday as money is tight, but I had many fun days out that week, which I'll write more about in future posts on here.

For my first day out during my holiday, I went to see my new friend Sal in Surbiton. She invited me to meet her in the town where she lives, and I had not been there before. Sal is originally from Wales. Check out the Monty Python sketch below.

Monty Python: Emigration from Surbiton to Hounslow

My friend Ian had recently returned to Guildford for the summer from America, so I took him along with me. I brought along my camera with me too.

We caught the train from Guildford to Surbiton, it didn’t take too long to get there, it was just over half an hour.

We waited outside of Surbiton station for Sal to arrive.

Sal arrived and suggested that we can all go for a walk along the river from Surbiton to Kingston. The river is the River Thames.

It unfortunately started raining at that point, so we went for a few drinks at a nice pub which Sal knew of.

We sat outside the pub, which was sheltered by the rain under some roofing. We waited for the rain to stop, which it eventually did.

Me and friend Sal

Sal and Ian

Ian took quite a few pictures of signs that day, to show his friends back in the States. We have many signs around telling us not to do things. There was a sign outside the pub saying ‘No ball games permitted in the garden’

After we finished our drinks, Sal took us down the riverbank for a walk.

The River Thames

Sal by the river

It was a nice river, with lots of boats and wildlife. I’ve never seen so many swans on a river before.

A Coot on her nest

Canadian geese

Mallard ducks

Lots of swans

A swan sitting on an upturned boat

We passed some paddle steamer boats. Sal told us they went to Hampton Court Palace, as the weather was not so great that day, we’ll save that for another time.

One of the paddle steamers

We walked on further and arrived in Kingston.

Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston is a nice place, lots of old buildings, it looked a bit like some old fashioned German town.


I had not been to Kingston since the mid-nineties, when they used to have a cheap Chinese buffet restaurant there.

We had some more drinks in another pub, then the rain returned.

We caught a bus back to Surbiton, said goodbye to Sal, then got on the train back to Guildford.

It was a nice day and good to go somewhere new. I look forward to going on the paddle steamer to Hampton Court the next time I visit Surbiton later this summer.

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