Birthday Bowling

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It was my friend Mark’s birthday recently, and we went out to celebrate it along with his friend Jenny.

I’ve been to quite a few birthday celebrations this year, which has been fun.

We met up at the ten-pin bowling alley inside the Spectrum sports centre in Guildford, and we played against each other.

Jenny, Mark, and me

Jenny pulling faces

It was a fun game, Mark won, Jenny came second, and I came last. I need to go ten-pin bowling more often, I had not done it for a few years. The last time I went bowling you can read about it here.

Me about to bowl

Mark and Jenny forgot to take off their bowling shoes off as they left the place, I pointed it out to them, and they then exchanged the bowling shoes for their own shoes at the desk. It was a funny moment.

Jenny headed back home.

Mark and myself went for a meal in the Guildford town centre.

We went inside the Guildford Kebab House.

I expected it to just be a takeaway kebab place, but I was surprised that they had a nice restaurant in there.

We were served quickly.

The starter was the best for me; they did great tasting hummus with some bread to dip in it.  I also had some olives and pickled green chillies. My main dish was ok too, it was vegetarian with aubergine. Mark had a different meal to my own, as he ate kebabs.

Tasty Hummus, black olives, pickled green chillies, and bread as a starter

I’ll definitely go to eat there again sometime.

It was another fun birthday celebration that evening.

My own birthday is not that far away in June, I will have to have a think about what I’ll do on mine soon...

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