Guildford Flames

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On Sunday 14th March I went out with my friend Russell to a local group meeting in Guildford.

I also took along an Eastern European girl with us, who I had just met on the internet called Maria.

I have previously been out with this group before to the 70’s and 80’s themed nightclub Flares, which you can read about here.

We met the group in a pub called the Keep, which is close to Guildford Castle.

I met a few new people in the pub who were with the group. There was a nice friendly Italian lady from London, plus a few new local guys who were both cycling enthusiasts. One of them was also called Russell. We had some lunch there.

Damian the group organiser had arranged a treasure hunt. We were split into two teams, and were given a map with question and answers sheets to fill in about finding places in Guildford.

The treasure map

Some of the questions which needed to be answered

Me, my mate Russell, and Maria were in the same team, together with the other Russell and his cycling buddy.

The treasure hunt didn’t go that well for our team, as the two cycling friends couldn’t agree on things, and so we all went for a drink in the Kings Head pub, which put us way behind the other team. The other Russell, started chatting up Maria, and they got on well, so I left them to it.

We got a call from Damian to say his team had finished the treasure hunt whilst we were still sat in the Kings Head.

Damian (second from the right) and his winning team in Guildford High Street

We met Damian and the others back in the Keep pub.

The next part of the outing was to see the Guildford Flames play at the Spectrum sports centre. The Guildford Flames are an ice hockey team, and they were playing against the Sheffield Scimitars. I have been to Sheffield three times, which you can read here. I was looking forward to going, as I had never got round to seeing an ice hockey match before.

I drove my mate Russell and the Italian girl, to the Spectrum. The rest of the group came in their cars.

We met the others inside the sports centre entrance and then we got our tickets for the game.

There were quite a lot of people who had bought tickets for the match that day, as there was a promotion where kids could go free. We couldn’t unfortunately get seats, so we had to stand for the whole match.

Before we went to see the match, we had some drinks in the bar. There is a big glass window overlooking the ice rink where the ice hockey match was being played. I took a picture on my mobile of the view from the window.

The view of the match from the bar window

We then headed downstairs to the stands to watch the match.

The Guildford Flames wore white and navy, and the Sheffield Scimitars wore red and navy kit.

It made my legs ache a bit standing up for the whole of the match, but it was fun.

The view of the match from where we stood

A fast moving game

One of the many players get-togethers

The other Russell who enjoys cycling was upstairs in the bar chatting to Maria during the whole of the match.

The Guildford Flames v's the Sheffield Scimitars

There were some Guildford Flames supporters standing next to us, who shouted out encouragement and had their own team songs.

Come on Flames

A family was standing in the row in front of us, and they had brought along some food with a flask of hot drink.

The ice hockey players whizzed round the ice rink pretty quick, and it was difficult to see where the puck was for some of the time.

Sometimes they would knock into each other or push the opposing player into the wall of the ice rink.


The game often stopped then started again, and then they played some music like “Ice Ice Baby" the hip hop song by American rapper Vanilla Ice. They also played “Cold As Ice” by MOP, some Michael Jackson song, and a few others each time they stopped, or scored a goal.

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

M.O.P - Cold as Ice

The Flames goal keeper stops a goal

There were a few breaks during the match.

Despite the Guildford Flames being 3-1 ahead, during the last 10 minutes of the game the Sheffield Scimitars fought back with two well-timed goals. This took the game into overtime, and then the Scimitars clinched the two points and won with just over a minute into the overtime.

The Sheffield Scimitars flying into action

It was a shame I didn't get to see the Guildford Flames win the match, they were in the lead until near the end of the match.

After the match ended, I headed back home.

It was an interesting match. I’d like to see another ice hockey game in the near future.

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