Multi-millionaire Dave West’s Birthday Party

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On Saturday 13th March, I received an invite via facebook and email to go to multi-millionaire Dave West’s birthday party in London.

The flyer invite

It was a private party held in his Mayfair members club HeyJo. Dave has got to know me and recognises me whenever I go in there.

I have included a bit about Dave West taken from the internet;-

"Eccentric multimillionaire Dave West is well known for wearing pink suits and being surrounded by beautiful young ladies wherever he goes.

Dave worked as a market trader  barrow boy  in London's East End.  Dave built a family tobacco business in Belgium with his wife and children.  In the 1980’s Dave founded a wholesale business on a double decker bus in Calais selling cheap alcohol and cigarettes.  His business moved to permanent premises and was named EastEnders which is now a part of the largest British owned cash and carry group in Europe. Dave West is now one Europe's richest men.

Lord David West and Johnboy in France

Dave West was responsible for the UK duty free freedom the country enjoys today as he fought a vigorous public campaign against the British Government so people from England could legally take home tax free booze and cigarettes.  Dave reckons he has saved the British Taxpayer over £10 billion since his business started.

Dave now has his own colourful mini universe in Jermyn Street, Mayfair which he developed by building his luxurious private members club HeyJo and flamboyant restaurant Abracadabra.  He spent £5 million on his party palace, which plays host to royalty, celebrities and wealthy people from around the world.

Dave West enjoys mixing with London's high society where he is a much-loved character and is a popular invite.

Television appearances include BBC 2's Trouble at the Top and Europe's Richest People for the Discovery Channel"

You can read more about him here.

I enjoy going out in the West End of London. Its a glamorous and fun place to be.

West End Girls - West End Girls (Punkstar Edit)

I’ve been to HeyJo quite a few times with friends before, which you can read about here. The club is decorated in bright colours, mainly pink, like the Dave West’s famous suits. It’s a popular place, and always has lots of glamorous women go there. HeyJo is one of the only places that I’ve been where there have been more women than guys on a night out, which makes it more fun than going out in Guildford, where there are few decent women and too many guys.

The entrance to HeyJo

Inside the club

The bar

This is the same booth I celebrated a lady's birthday with last summer

HeyJo has lots of quirky things about it, check out this video about the clubs toilets.

HeyJo loos

A restaurant named Abracadabra which is also owned by Dave West is also in the club. It specialises in a Russian menu, check out the video below.

Abracadabra Interview

I invited some local friends to come to London with me to go to the birthday party, but they unfortunately all dropped out.

I decided to go up to London on my own, and meet some new people there.

I got chatting online on facebook to a guy called Jeff, and made a new friend that way. He had been there a few times before. We decided to meet up in Waterloo station and head there together.

On the evening of the event, I caught the train from Guildford to Waterloo station in London, and I met Jeff standing outside of Burger King.

We had a chat as well as few drinks in a pub closeby to Waterloo. The pub is called The Hole in the Wall. It’s situated under railway arches, which is opposite Waterloo station. I saw someone I used to work with (from an insurance firm) standing at the bar, I got chatting to him, and he is now working in London.

The Hole in The Wall

After we had a few drinks, we headed back to Waterloo station and caught an underground train to Piccadilly Circus.

We walked from Piccadilly Circus station to the HeyJo club.

Jeff got chatting to some people he knew standing outside the club who were having a smoke. The bouncer then marked our names off the guest list, and we entered the club.

Inside the club I saw Egitaand Candice who work there. Egita is a nice Latvian girl, who is now Dave West’s PA. I know Egita fairly well, we went to the Isle of Wight together a few years ago to be in a friends music video together, which you can read about here.

Candice on the left and Egita on the right

Candice and Egita with Dave

Egita asked us both to write a birthday message on big board for Dave West, which we did.

Birthday messages for Dave

We then went to the bar, got some drinks, and joined in with the party.

Jeff on the left, me in the middle, and some other guy on the right

There were loads of guests at the party, it was a great atmosphere.

Candice on the left with a party guest

On the dance floor

Glamorous women

I said hello to Dave and wished him a happy birthday.

We got chatting to Egita and Candice again, Jeff took my picture with Egita.

Egita and me

There were a few famous faces at the party, some models, plus gangster rappers like Cream Daddy Kool and maybe a football player. Most of these people I don’t recognise when I’m out.

Some models

Cream Daddy Kool on the right

Another singer

Not sure who he is, but he looks famous

I met Dave’s friend Johnboy. He used to be a photographer for Penthouse, and is a millionaire too. He was taking pictures of the party guests on his camera.


Rudy, another photographer I met there before was also taking pictures.


A girl called Sandy who I previously got chatting to on facebook came over to me. I told her I was at the party and she decided to meet me there. She was wearing a nice blue dress. She introduced me to a guy wearing a hat, who is a film producer, because of the website I’m working on with my friend Ian called

Sandy wanted her picture taken by the event photographers Johnboy and Rudy. She lay across a chaise lounge and they took her picture. Johnboy also took my picture with Sandy. Jeff took more pictures on his camera too.


Me and Sandy

Sandy left the party early, she invited me to go with her. She was going to a squat party, which was a rave in a disused warehouse in London. I was surprised, as she didn’t look the type, as she was all dressed up. I declined her offer, and decided to stay in HeyJo.

We got chatting to a pretty blond Russian girl called Natalia who was very nice. We had some drinks with her, danced and took pictures. Jeff smoked some of her Russian cigarettes outside.


We also got chatting to James the event organiser. He is a good guy.


Dave opened his birthday presents, one of which included a painting of him.

A portrait of Dave West

James spoke on the mic and wished Dave West a happy birthday. A violinist played the Happy Birthday theme, the crowd sang it to Dave.

A pretty looking female singer then came on with her dancers, she is called Juliet Youssef. Her performance, singing, and dancing with her girls was really great. She could do well in the charts one day.

Juliet and her dancers

The dancers in action

Me and Jeff were caught in the video of her performance, which you can see below. I’m standing near the bar on the right with a light blue shirt on.

David West's Birthday in HeyJo 13/03/10

A girl read out a poem to Dave West.

The girl reading her poem

Two big birthday cakes were then brought out by Egita and Candice. Egita got covered in cake by Dave.

Dave just about to cover the girls in his cake

We ate some tasty buffet food and partied the night away.

Enjoying the food

Jeff had to leave the club before me, to catch his night bus back home.

Dave West knew I was from Guildford and the problem I had with the last train being just after midnight. He kindly offered to let me sleep in the guesthouse above the club for free, which is a hostel, so I could get a train back the next day. I took him up on that offer when I had finished partying. You can view it here.

Johnboy showed me where the guesthouse was, we got in a lift, which took us near to the top floor. There are five or more floors. I got talking to Johnboy and found out that he also lived in Surrey, he said he knew some girls in Guildford, but does not visit my town often. He had driven to London in his Bentley.

The guesthouse was a good-sized room. I slept in a bunk bed near a window. Johnboy slept in the other room.

I got up around 7.30am in the morning and left the club. I caught the underground train from Piccadilly Circus to Waterloo, then the train back to Guildford.

Leaving Waterloo station to return to Guildford

It was a fun birthday party.

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Posted by dave | 03 November, 2010 1:48 AM | | Permalink

amazing barry your a diamond all the best dave west.

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Posted by Barry | 03 November, 2010 1:21 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Thanks Dave, I enjoyed your birthday party, it was great fun.

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