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On Saturday 23rd January, I was invited by my friend Tristan to a party he was hosting, which was inside the Woolpack pub in Elstead.

The Woolpack in Elstead

He wanted me to take some photos of the event for him.

Tristan had just set up a new event company called Pure Dance Events, and both himself and a few of his friends were DJ’ing in the pub that night.

I brought along a friend called Marianna, a Slovakian girl, who I first met about three years ago, which was at Frog’s ex-housemate Julia’s birthday meal in Godalming.

Marianna had reconnected with me on the facebook website, and we agreed in going to Tristan’s party.

I picked up Marianna in my car from Guildford, and I drove us to Elstead, to where the Woolpack pub was located.

We had some drinks in the Woolpack, and I introduced Marianna to Tristan and his friends.

Some of Tristan's friends drinking in the bar area of the Woolpack

It was interesting catching up with Tristan’s friend Phil, as he used to work in the same insurance firm as me.


Phil and Kevin

Kevin was entertaining that evening.

Kevin enjoying himself

My South African friend Valerie also came with her boyfriend Ollie, and some of her friends.

The lovely Valerie

Valerie enjoying a drink

Valerie with one of her friends

Then Tristan started DJ’ing in the pub’s function room. A few of his friends also DJ’ed. People started dancing.

Tristan and his new dance event company

Tristan and his DJ'ing friends by the decks

Tristan dancing

Valerie on the left dancing

Kevin and Valerie dancing

They called their line up of tunes, ‘Decades of Dance’, and they played various dance tunes from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and up until the present day.

Tristan had recently bought some laser disco lights, and it was an interesting display of red, blue, yellow and green light patterns that were being beamed across the pub. I got some good pictures of this effect with my camera.

Tristan's laser lights

Marianna was sadly very tired that night, as you can see from the below photos. She fell asleep sat on a chair in the corner, and remained there. She works long hours in a hospital, and she has been busy studying.

Me and sleepy Marianna

Valerie and Marianna

Goodnight Marianna, sleep well

I danced with Tristan’s’ friends and got some good pictures with Valerie.

Me and Valerie

Joking around with Valerie

I left the event early at 10.30pm with Marianna to drive her home, as she was very tired.

It was a fun evening, and I look forward to going to some more of Tristan’s events in the future.

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