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Over the last four years or so, I have been using the internet on and off, to meet up with new people. This is mainly due to old friends moving on, people moving away, marriages, changing jobs and not making new workmates, people getting older and not wanting to go out so much, plus changes of circumstances.

Some of the people I’ve met from the internet have been good, whilst some of them have been pretty bad. People come, and people go.

In recent months, it has been harder for me to meet people from social networking sites, due to the bad press, and changes to how they work.

Last year I met several people from Gumtree, but in January of this year, they unfortunately removed their personal ad section from their site. This was due to spammers, and bad press about violent attacks and other bad happenings through people meeting each other through this site. It’s a shame, as it became my favourite and most successful website to meet new people last year. I miss the personal ad section on Gumtree, I hope they will bring it back. 

MySpace used to be another good site to meet people, but since the rise of popularity for the facebook website, not many people use it anymore, so I have not met anyone from that site for a very long time.

I have met some people from facebook, mainly to do with going to events advertised on there, but also through other friends, and on some dating applications. In recent months facebook has changed too, they have stripped down their search tools, and now the dating applications charge a subscription fee, which I don’t wish to pay for. So, its more difficult to meet people through facebook now.

I have used another website called a few times in the past. It’s a site where people can create groups and arrange meet ups. The first time I went to one was for Halloween in 2008, which you can read about here. I was unfortunately one of the only people from the meet up group who went, so it turned out to be a bit of a bad experience, although I had some fun going out on my own to it that evening. I went to a few other meet ups with friends, which was just drinks in a pub, and a comedy event, but I didn’t get to chat to people from those meet up groups that much, as I was busy chatting to my friends who were with me at the time. advert

I guess the hardest thing for me about group meetings, is meeting up with a large group of complete strangers. I find that a bit scary.

I personally prefer meeting up with just one stranger first, and making a friend that way, and then going to events together with that person, to make further friends. But, I’ve found that members of prefer to just meet as a big group of strangers.

I recently tried again going to a new meet up group meeting back in January in Guildford, this group was much more fun than the others.

It was a night out which started with a meal in Byron’s. I had never eaten inside there before; I enjoyed the veggie burger and wine. One of the girls found a giant clock on the wall, which was unusual.

Me on the left with three girls from the meet up group meeting

Damian on the left in the loud purple shirt is the meet up group's organiser

Byron's large clock

Some more drinking in the Albany and the Keep.

Drinking in the Albany

Damian with a handbag

Drinking in the Keep

In the Keep

And then finally, some dancing in a 1970’s themed disco called Flares. It was fun in the disco, we had silly things to wear on our heads, I had a crown, and the others wore devils horns.

Damian's reservation in Flares

Messing about in Flares

Circle of new friends

A thumbs up

70's style dancing from Damian

Large cocktails

I found a Surrey Police pen in Flares

Me being crowned

King of the Sleepy People

Random people caught on camera

Damian the organiser of the event was very good, as he was the life and soul of the party, so he made a great host for the night. 

I was pretty shattered that evening, as I was getting used to a new job during that time, and I had been busy dealing with things to do with my flat, which was all quite stressful, it shows on my face in the pictures how tired I was.

I will definitely go to more of Damian’s meet up events. There is one coming up next week, which includes a treasure hunt in Guildford, and watching a live ice hockey match. is a good website, if you find the right group of people to go out with.

Once I am settled and living back in Guildford, I will kick start my social life again, getting in touch with old friends, and making more of an effort of finding new ones. The last few months for me have been a bit quiet. Maybe the website will help me with this task.

If anybody knows of any other good social networking and free personal ad sites to meet local people with, then let me know!

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