Halloween At The Boileroom

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For Halloween this year, I went to a fun party called ‘Heatwave 2: Rockin’ From The Crypt’ at the Boileroom in Guildford.

The flyer for the party

I received the following information about the event by email;-

"The Day Of The Dead is nigh and the role-call of the damned grows ever longer....

Burlesque Dancers:
Sophia St. Villier -
Rosa Swan -
Live Music:
Natalie Ross -
Just Plain Weird...
The Ghost Of Michael Jackson
Revd. Cecil Pitt (aka Cess Pitt) Ordained in the Church of Hibblesvani
DJ'S... The Dishonorable Reverend JC Presiding
Zombie Shot Girls/Boys

Haloween Games

BBQ: Heatwave Bealzi-Burgers

B-Movie Visuals on the Big Screen
Best Dressed Wins Six Months Free Entry to the Boileroom.
Drink deeply of our unholy communion or be cursed with a lifetime of feckless purgatory.
End Communiqué"

It sounded good fun with the line up on that night.

I went to event with four friends, Gabriella, Mark, Valerie, and Ollie.

Gabriella, me and Mark at the party

The event had a 1950’s theme with the bands, burlesque dancers, and the music played by the DJ.

Their were quite a few people in Halloween costumes at the party.

A wild cat with a zombie girl

Zombie girl

Frankenstein's monster?


Two burlesque dancers came on stage, one after the other. Sophia St. Villier and Rosa Swan, they were fun to watch. They stripped off their clothes to their underwear and danced round on stage. One was dressed as a butterfly, and the other was in stockings, and corset. I took a short video on my mobile of the burlesque dancer dressed in a corset and stockings.

Boileroom Burlesque Dancer on Halloween

The burlesque dancer dressed as a butterfly

Great view!

A singer called Natalie Ross went on stage and played some music using her guitar, and making sounds into a loop station. Her singing was excellent and she looked like a singer from the 1950s with her platinum blond hair and clothes style.

Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross singing

Natalie's 1950s style

Some more dancers came on stage dressed as zombie versions of Michael Jackson. They danced to his famous Thriller song.

Thriller - Music Video

We sat outside in the pub’s garden; there was a BBQ, and burgers were being served.

Valerie and her boyfriend Ollie left early, and then Mark left.

Gabriella and myself watched some more of the entertainment on stage. The host of the event was dressed as a Droog from the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

The Droog

The Droog picked some winners for the best Halloween outfits.

We had a dance to the Rock and Roll music played by the DJ, and then we left.

It was a good party.

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