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On Tuesday 25th September I went with some friends to the Boileroom in Guildford.

The Boileroom is a converted pub where they do lots of gigs by local bands.

I went there to see Tristan's brother Ashley sing with his band Flyin' Ike. Tristan was going to surprise his brother, as he had never been to one of his gigs before. I've seen Flyin Ike play a few times before, which was at the Star pub in Guildford, and also at Guilfest in Stoke Park last summer. 

The flyer for the Flyin Ike gig

I met my friend Frog, Tristan and his girlfriend Kate, plus Ian outside the venue. We arrived there a bit too early, so we all went for a meal at another nearby pub. I treated my friend Frog to meal at the pub, as he had kindly agreed to film the gig for me.

After we had our meal, we headed back to the Boileroom to see the gig.

Frog gave me a badge to wear at the gig which Owen had made me. It was a badge showing a photo of David Icke, who is a well known conspiracy theorist. The badge was a funny joke, as Frog thought that maybe the band Flyin Ike took their name from David Icke. It was also a running joke aimed at me, as I missed out seeing a live talk by David Icke with Frog a few years ago, due to my tickets getting torn up by somebody at home.

My David Icke badge, which I wore to the gig

I pinned on my David Icke badge on my jacket, and then we went inside the Boileroom to see Flyin Ike. I did jokingly offer to stand on stage and pretend to fly, as I would then be a Flying (David) Icke!

The first act we saw was absolutely dreadful. It was basically a guy wearing black and white stripy tights, shorts, with a blonde bowl cut haircut style, just freaking out on stage. He was lying on his back screaming into the microphone, whilst his band was playing out of tune. We nearly left after that, but luckily some better bands came on afterwards.

We bought some drinks and watched the different bands. Ian liked one band in particular and bought their CD.

Some of the audience looked more interesting than the bands. The guys had long hair and wore black. The girls wear dressed in interesting outfits, some looked quite hot, with short skirts and fishnet tights, or stockings on. One girl looked a bit odd, as she had piercings through her back, as I had never seen piercings there before.

Ashley the lead singer of Flyin Ike was surprised to see his brother Tristan in the audience, and he came over to speak to us.

The Flyin Ike band then went on stage. Frog filmed the whole thing on his video camera for me.

Ashley singing with his band Flyin Ike

It was quite fun to watch, as Ashley leaps all round the stage, and comes into the audience to sing as well. Ashley sort of screams his lyrics, whilst the girl in the band sings normally. Its an interesting mix!

After the whole thing finished, we all left to go home. I walked back to the town with Frog. He had gone a little deaf, as he was filming right at the front. Frog gave me the video tape of the gig. I need to invest in a video camera and video editing software when I get my redundancy money next year, then I'll be able to edit it all together, and make a DVD. I'm hoping to have our film company called Baroomba Films up and running with my friend Ian soon.

I then left Guildford and drove home back to my village.

It was a fun evening!

I have included the Flyin Ike music videos below.


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