The Rudgwick Steam Show 2009

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On Sunday 30th August, which was during a Bank Holiday weekend, and during my holiday, I went to The Rudgwick Steam Show with my Dad.

The Rudgwick Steam Show is a local village event held in Rudgwick each year. Its near my village of Cranleigh.

It’s a big event spread across several farmers fields, and includes steam powered vehicles, a funfair, classic cars, classic bikes, old farm vehicles, military trucks and tanks, live music, stalls, tents, beer, food, a showground, and animals.

I’ve been to this event a few times, you can read about when I went there last year and see the photos I took on my blog here.

This year the weather was not so good, it was raining a little and it was cloudy.

Entering The Rudgwick Steam Fair

One of the things I saw this year which caught my eye, was a little model town which had miniature people, lights and sound, toy cars, trains, a river with boats, and a funfair. It’s interesting seeing the kind of stuff people collect and make. It must have taken ages to collect and put together everything for this display.

A busy miniature town complete with a pink limo

A miniature playground

Bumper cars

I enjoyed watching a live band in one of the beer tents, who are named The New Forest Plonkers. Their music was fun and catchy and they sung in Dorset country accents. Check out the below video.

The New Forest Plonkers

The New Forest Plonkers in action

In one of the fields, you could have rides inside tanks and armoured personnel carriers. The tanks were whizzing round the field quite quick and it looked fun.

Tank rides

We saw a guy dressed up as a cowboy. He looked like a traditional American cowboy, although his wife looked like a normal middle-aged lady, so he was probably from just down the road, and lived in a neighbouring village.

A local cowboy

I was impressed by what I saw in the craft tent. There were some people creating some great woodcarvings of various figures and animals.

A craftsman sculpting wood sculptures

A great skill to have

I enjoyed seeing some owls, horses, rabbits, and ducks.

A large owl

A shire horse

A mother horse with its baby



Most of the things, which were there last year, (like the old smokey steam engines) were again there for this year.

Steam Engine

Lots of smoke and steam


A mini steam engine

Old Fire Engines

An old army vehicle

A six wheeled tractor, never seen one of those before

Triumph motorbikes

A racing motorbike

Chopper bikes from the 1970's

The funfair

Radio controlled boats

Classic old cars


A tractor ploughing

We did not spend too much time at the event, as we had seen it all before. Nevertheless, it was a good way to kill a few hours on a Sunday.

When I got back home, I heard a loud noise coming from the sky. It was coming from a display of the Red Arrows Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, who were flying in their jets above our garden. A local air show was also on that day.

A Red Arrow

They were flying in formation in shapes of arrows, a horseshoe shape, and together to make it look like one jet. The jets also left red, blue, and white smoke trails behind them.

The Red Arrows flying as an arrow!

I'm guessing they flying in the shape of a jet

The smoke trails

I took the above photos of the jets, but as it was cloudy, they sadly didn’t come out that well. Check out the below RAF Red Arrows video for a better view of them.

Red Arrows video

I had a good day out, but I wished the weather could have been better.

Comments on The Rudgwick Steam Show 2009

Posted by Vera | 07 November, 2009 9:40 AM | Vera's home page | | Permalink

Wow, there was a lot to see in that fair. And those horses are soooo big!

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 07 November, 2009 10:06 AM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Thanks for your comment. Its an interesting event. Shire Horses are big beasts. Farmers used to use them a lot many years ago to plough fields and do other tasks, as they are very big and strong animals, they were bred that way.

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