Lady Onna’s Birthday Masked Ball

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On Friday 21st August I travelled to London with Ian, as we were invited to go to Juliana’s birthday party.

Juliana’s birthday party was called ‘Lady Onna’s Abracadabra’s Masked Ball’.

The invite to Juliana's birthday party

She had hired David West’s HeyJo Club and the Abracadabra restaurant to celebrate her birthday in style. You can learn more about David West and his club in the below BBC documentary.

Dave West- Trouble At The Top

The event was a masquerade ball, I was looking forward to going, as I had not been to one before.

You may remember me and Ian going to an event earlier in August. This was with Juliana and her partner to help us choose our outfits to wear at the event. You can read about it here.

Juliana posted a video on her YouTube account as Lady Onna to promote her birthday party.


She also sent lots of invites to various people on the facebook and MySpace websites. There was quite a few people who confirmed that they would be coming.

It was sounding like it was going to be a big and fun event with lots of guests, red carpet, photographer and film crew all being there too.

Juliana was going to wear a costume at her party that she had designed herself, which was based on the Harley Quinn character’s outfit from Batman.

Harley Quinn

Me and Ian caught the train from Guildford to Waterloo with our costumes in our bags, as we didn’t have the nerve to wander round Guildford and London with them on.

Ian had bought along a red devil mask in his bag, which looked fun. He was wearing the rest of his costume under his clothes.

I was wearing a black suit, with a black shirt and tie, with metal spikes coming out of the collar. My black mask and cape were in my bag. If I had tripped over, I could have ended up puncturing the jugular in my neck with the metal spikes, as they were quite sharp!

From Waterloo we got on the underground train at the Bakerloo line to get to Piccadilly Circus station. We then walked from the underground station down to Jermyn Street, which is where HeyJo is located. Its a well known street in London for Gentleman's outfitters.

At the enterance of the club they were laying down the red carpet. The stairs leading down to the club were almost like a slide with the red carpet leading down them.

As we walked down the stairs, we found Brian standing on them wearing a long black leather coat and a Phantom of the Opera styled mask. We said hello to him and chatted, he let us know that the other guests were down the stairs inside the Abracadabra restaurant.


We entered the club and found Juliana, Egita, and a few other people that I had not met before sat at a table in the restaurant.


Juliana got up to greet us both. She was dressed in a long white evening dress with white gloves made out of latex rubber. Her hair and make up was done nice, with golden glittery eyelashes, to match her black mask which also had golden glitter on. She looked very good in her outfit.


Unfortunately for Juliana, the Harley Quinn costume that she had intended to wear at her birthday party had not finished being made. Her costume was still being put together in China.

I thought her white evening gown made out of white rubber was very clever though, and looked just as good to wear as a Harley Quinn outfit at her party.

Egita was dressed in a nice black ball gown with a black mask, she looked very fetching and elegant too.

Brian and Egita

Juliana introduced me and Ian to her friends. There was a guy from Japan who was a talented musician who was working with Juliana on some future songs she was making. There was also a film director guy, who had a cool looking trilby hat on. There was another guy who was a scriptwriter.

Robin and the musician

The writer was called Robin, and he had a traditional mask that he had bought from his time spent in Venice. Masquerade balls are popular in Venice. Robin’s mask was made to look almost birdlike with a long beak. The photographer got a great picture of Egita biting his beaked mask.

Egita biting Robin's nose

After we had been introduced to everybody and had a chat, Ian and myself put on our costumes.

They all liked our outfits too.

My outfit

Ian's outfit

Later on we went downstairs to the HeyJo Club area. There was a booth for Juliana’s birthday party guests decorated with birthday banners. We all sat in the booth together and had some drinks.

I started to take some pictures on my camera. The photographer took pictures as well. Then Ian and Brian took some too.

Juliana and Ian

Juliana and me

Me enjoying a drink

Oskana who had served me and my friend Tatiana a meal a few days before in the restaurant, was acting as drinks hostess for the night.

The film crew and photographer came downstairs into the club and started taking our pictures and filming us.

Egita with the photographer

Robin, Egita and Juilana then went outside to have their pictures and video taken outside on the red carpet.

Juliana being filmed on the red carpet

Egita and Juliana on the red carpet

Juliana and Robin

Juliana and Robin having a snog

It was unfortunate that no more guests arrived for her birthday that night. We had a small but fun crowd to enjoy the party with.

We had a dance on the dance floor. Juliana was a very good dancer and was doing a mix of ballet and disco dancing. I had a dance with them. They were being filmed and photographed all the time. I took some more pictures on my camera as well.

The Russian hostess girl Oskana went on the dance floor dressed in a colourful pink dress. She was a very good dancer, and fun to watch. I took some pictures on my camera.

Oskana dancing. Great view! ;-)

Rama who is the girlfriend of the club owner David West went on to the dance floor to dance as well. She was a great dancer too.

Rama and Juliana


Juliana then did a photo shoot with the photpographer in the toilets, as well as in and around other different places in the club.

The taps in the ladies are shaped like mens willies!

Juliana in the Gents, which have urinals shaped as open female mouths!

Ian didn’t want to miss his train after midnight, so he left early to get to Waterloo station to catch a train back to Guildford.

As there were not that many people there, I felt a bit guilty leaving early with Ian, so I decided to stay on and wait for the 5am train back home. I was having fun, so I didn’t want to leave early.

I chatted to Brian, Robin, and the musician whilst I was sat with them in Juliana’s birthday booth. I then went outside the club with them whilst they had a smoke.

I returned to the bar, the party was winding down and more people were leaving.

Whilst I was at the bar, I had my pictures taken with Egita by the photographer, and by Juliana using my camera. Me and Egita messed around whilst we had our pictures taken together.

Joking around with Egita

Juliana using my camera

We then had our pictures taken with David West and Rama.

David West and me

Rama and me

Egita, David and Juliana

After we finished taking pictures, it was very late, I said goodbye to everybody and I left the club.

I caught a taxi back to Waterloo station.

Waterloo station was unfortunately all locked up when I arrived there. I was hoping to have a coffee at the café whilst I waited for my train.

I waited around outside for about an hour, the doors were finally unlocked, and I caught my train back to Guildford when it arrived at 5am.

I got a taxi from Guildford back to home, and I went straight to bed. I slept for most of the day.

It was a fun party, I was glad that I went to it.

Juliana received her Harley Quinn outfit about a week or so after the party. I have included some pictures and videos of her wearing this costume.

Juliana in her Harley Quinn outfit

Spycam Harley Quinn

Rubber Harley Quinn gatecrashes Westminster

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