Meal & Movie In Mayfair With A Memorable Lady From Moscow

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I travelled to London on one warm August evening during my holiday to meet up with a nice new Russian lady friend called Tatiana.

I had not met her in person before, we had just chatted online on the facebook website, and decided to meet up in the centre of London, as there was a film she wanted to see together.

I caught the train from Guildford to Waterloo, and then I jumped onto an underground train at the Bakerloo line to get to the Piccadilly Circus station, where I was meeting my new Russian friend Tatiana.

One of Piccadilly Circus station's enterances 

We have a bit of trouble finding each other in Piccadilly Circus, as there are quite a few exits from the station leading to many different streets, but we eventually found each other.

Piccadilly Circus

It was great to meet Tatiana, as she was very elegant, well dressed, charming, attractive, and polite. I have met a few Russian women before, and they all seem very nice.

I knew of a members club close to Mayfair called HeyJo, which you may have read about me going to before on my blog here. They have a restaurant called Abracadabra, which has a lot of Russian food on the menu, and Russian-speaking people working there. I have eaten in this place a few times. I suggested to Tatiana that we eat in Abracadabra.


As we entered the HeyJo Club, I saw my Latvian friend Egita working behind the reservations desk in the restaurant. I last saw her when we worked on the music video together, which you can read about here. We talked about our friend Juliana’s upcoming masked ball birthday party which we were both going to, it was being held in the HeyJo Club later that week on Friday evening.

A waiter then led Tatiana and me to sit at a table for our meal.

We ordered some drinks, I had a nice Mojito cocktail, then some fruit juice, and Tatiana had some fruit juice.

An attractive blond Russian waitress called Oskana then served us. We ordered our food, Tatiana ordered her meal and mine in Russian. Tatiana told me how to say ‘thank you’ to Oskana in Russian, which is ‘spasiba’ or ‘cпасиьа’ in Cyrillic writing.

Our meals were very good and tasty.

After we had finished eating, another waiter gave us some free complementary shots of Vodka, which was nice.

Tatiana liked it there, she took some photos of the restaurant, and asked the waiter to take our picture sitting together.

Inside the Abracadabra restaurant

Me enjoying my meal

Me and Tatiana

As we left the restaurant, I chatted again to Egita and Tatiana took my picture from the stairs.

Me talking to Egita

We then walked to the Apollo Cinema in Piccadilly Circus, which was nearby, and we went to see a film called "The Taking of Pelham 123"

The Taking of Pelham 123 movie poster

The Taking of Pelham 123 Movie Trailer

The movie was a story about armed men hijacking a New York City subway train. They hold the passengers hostage in return for a ransom, which turns an ordinary day's work for subway worker Walter Garber into a face-off with the mastermind behind the crime. It starred Denzel Washington and John Travolta, and was a re-make of an older film. We both enjoyed the story, it was good fun.

After we finished watching the movie, we had a walk round Piccadilly Circus and Mayfair.

Tatiana took some more pictures on her camera, a few of me, I took a few of her, and she asked a bystander to take our picture standing together. One of the pictures looked funny, as a girl was caught in the photo standing next to me, with her tongue sticking out!


Me and Tatiana with a girl sticking her tongue out!

This is a better picture

We then had a few drinks and a chat in a bar. It was interesting hearing about Tatiana’s work, she is a successful business woman who deals in property, and also helps with Russians in this county.

I then left her later that night to catch the train back home.

It was an enjoyable evening out, and nice for me to gain a new Russian friend in London.

I would love to visit Russia sometime.

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