My Visit To Leonardslee Lakes And Gardens

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During my two weeks holiday in August, I did quite a lot as well as visited a number of different and interesting places.

One of the places I visited on a nice warm sunny day with my parents was called Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens, which is in Horsham in West Sussex.

Dad drove us there, it’s a short distance away from Cranleigh, the village where I currently live.

The first thing we saw at Leonardslee was inside the large temperate green house. There were many exotic tropical plants and flowers, as well as large Koi carp gliding through the pool.

Me inside the green house

Koi carp

We then had a walk round the gardens. It looked very green and lush with the trees, plants, and colourful flowers.

A nice selection of plants and flowers

A macro shot I took of a bee

Mum walking round the gardens

There were a few statues around the gardens.

Mum & Dad

We came across some buildings and a courtyard. There were some modern art statues and sculptures within the courtyard. A statue of a nude woman was made out of wire netting looked good.

A woman made out of wire looking like a naked pole dancer

Inside one of the buildings, there was a collection of old cars, which was interesting. They looked more like prams, or carriages for horses to pull.

Funny looking old cars

Dad reading about the cars

A motorised pram!

The exhibition in the other building was fascinating to see. It was a collection of very detailed dollhouses showing scenes from the Victorian era. The dolls and houses were very well made and included schools, big mansions with servants, shops, an art gallery, museum, ballet dancers, and a church with a graveyard. The dolls were in some funny scenarios such as a Policeman about to arrest a drunken man, a lady looking fed up washing clothes, and some artists painting a nude lady. I have included a video, and some pictures I took there.

"Beyond the Dolls House" at Leonardslee

A teacher reading a story to her young class of school children

A teacher writing on the blackboard. Look on the far right, a naughty school boy is dipping the blond girls hair in an ink well!

When the dolls die, they are buried in this cemetery

The graves have to be six inches deep

An old lady lays a flower on her late husbands grave

A lady looking at corsets in a shop

A bride trying on a wedding dress in a bridal shop

A haberdashery

A toy shop with a train set

Changing the lights

An art gallery

A ballet school

A portrait photographer at work

A man with a broken leg seeing his Doctor

A tea room with women enjoying cake

A man on his bike


A garden party

Servants washing clothes

Drying the clothes

Inside a pub with some men playing cards

A policman questioning a drunk man

Two men playing snooker

Butlers laying a table

Cooks making cakes

A hunter taking out his rifle

An old man getting a book from his library

After we finished looking at the dollhouses, we left and walked to where the lakes were.

Walking towards the lakes

The lakes were very nice. We sat by them eating jelly babies.

Me sitting in a seat made from a tree stump

Mum and Dad

Mum and me

Dad and me

Jelly Baby

Jelly Babies

Some wallabies were hoping around near the banks of the lakes. They were eating some food, which was left on the ground for them to eat.

There were some Lilly flowers on the lake and I spotted a huge fish, which must have been a large carp swimming under the surface of the water.

The monster fish

The monster fish up close

We walked on further and stopped off at a café within the grounds for a drink.

The next place we saw was a greenhouse that had desert, cactus, and alpine type plants.

A green house with alpine plants

After that, we walked round a woodland area that had some unusual trees. One tree looked liked it had a face on its bark.

A happy Simulacra face on a tree

We left Leonardslee not long after we had walked round the woodland area.

It was a pleasant day out.

Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

Comments on My Visit To Leonardslee Lakes And Gardens

Posted by Nessa | 01 November, 2009 1:16 PM | Nessa's home page | | Permalink

What a lovely place. Thanks for sharing those photos :) Was wondering how the monster fish looked like though!

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 01 November, 2009 3:03 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Hi Nessa. Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog and my photos. The monster fish was a very large carp, I only saw part of him through the water when he was swimming near the surface, it looked more like a shark!

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