My Fun Packed Weekend In London

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On Saturday 8th August, I travelled to London with Ian, to spend the weekend there with some friends.

Jeannie invited me and Ian, to meet her writer friend Fay. We were also going to board a moored boat, which had a restaurant, bar and live music.

Jeannie is a film producer friend who lives in London, we’ve done some fun things together, which you can read here.

We caught the train from Guildford to Waterloo station in London, and from there we walked to South Bank by the River Thames. We met my friend Jeannie and her friend Fay there.

I got chatting to Fay, she was an interesting woman who has lived all around the world. She was writing an autobiography about her life.

It was a nice sunny day to be by the Thames and to walk along the South Bank. I was there recently, which you may have read here.

We passed various street performers, the London Eye, Westminster Bridge, which leads to the Houses of Parliament, and then we were in Vauxhall near the MI6 Secret Intelligence Service building.

The London Eye

MI6 building

We had a bit of trouble finding the right boat moored along the Thames, as there was quite a few.

Eventually we found the right boat.

We went onto the boat and then inside to the bar. We bought some drinks and went up on the top deck. It was Latin American themed. There was a live band playing Latino music. It was good fun with a great view across the Thames, although it was very crowded, we could not find anywhere to sit, and one guy accidentally knocked Jeannie’s drink out of her hand on to her. We were going to eat there, but it was too crowded. I took a picture of the view I had across the Thames from the top deck.

The photo I took of a sunset over the River Thames

We left the boat to find somewhere else to eat.

Fay knew of a good Thai restaurant, so we followed her. She knew London really well. We walked through many parks, and along many streets towards Piccadilly Circus.

Piccadilly Circus

We took pictures of some of the streets.

Me taking some pictures

Me in Piccadilly Circus

Ian in Piccadilly Circus

The lights of London

The London Trocadero at Piccadilly

Along one street where there were many bars, there were some guys peeing into telescopic urinals, which was a weird sight. I guess it stops guys peeing into doorways and ally ways, so maybe it’s a good idea, although I don’t think I could use a urinal in the middle of the street with people walking past me.

The very public urinals

We arrived at the Thai restaurant which Fay had recommended.

It was called Busaba Eathai and was located at Wardour Street in Soho in the West End of London.

Busaba Eathai

Busaba Eartai is a popular place. There was a long queue of people queuing along the street waiting to enter the restaurant.

The queue to get in

Fay told me that the same people who own the Japanese style restaurant Wagamamaalso own the Thai styled Busaba Eartai.

A waiter came out of the restaurant and gave us menus. We were queuing for twenty minutes waiting to get inside, so we had plenty of time to make up our minds as to what we’d all eat. We decided to get six dishes and share them between the four of us. There was also a touch screen menu by the window of the restaurant. We looked through the window at the people sat down eating, and it made us hungry.

A waiter eventually led us inside. The restaurant looked quite nice, with dark browns and low lighting, candles, there were a few Buddha’s, plants, and other Thai style decoration dotted around. 

Inside Busaba Eartai

We sat at a table together, which was at a bench similar to the layout of Wagamama.

We ordered some wine and then our meals, which we all shared. I can’t use chopsticks, so I was given a fork and spoon. We had duck, chicken, rice, noodles, and other spicy things, which were very tasty.

We took some pictures of each other sat at the table.

Ian pulling a funny face, me, Fay, and Jeannie

At the back is Ian and me, with Fay and Jeannie at the front

Fay and Jeannie

Fay, me and Jeannie

Ian and me

Ian and I found the toilets funny, as the Ladies and Gents did not have written signs, they instead showed a figure standing for the Gents, and a lady swatting for the Ladies. It was confusing at first, to guess which was which. A lady came into the gents by mistake whilst I was standing having a pee into a urinal, which was embarrassing. I have included a picture of the signs.

This sign looks a bit rude!

After we finished our meal and wine, Ian kindly paid for the whole lot, and then we all left.

We all then headed towards Piccadilly Circus Underground Station. Jeannie and Fay were going back to their homes, and me and Ian needed to head to North London to meet another friend. We said our goodbyes to each other at the station.

Ian and I got on a Tube train towards North London.

It took quite a while to reach our final stop, and we had to change trains.

When we arrived at the final stop, it was quite late at night.

We were going to see Juliana, the model and actress who I did the music video with back in February, which you can read about here.

Ian had not met Juliana before, but had chatted to her for a while on the Facebook website.

We were meeting Juliana, as she said that we could say round her house for the night, and join her at an event the next day.

The event we were going to see was to buy a masks and outfits to wear at her future Birthday Masquerade Ball.

As we left the train station, we walked towards her house using a map. It was dark and after midnight.

We got a bit lost at first, but Ian gained our bearings.

We walked quite a way up and then down a long road, and down smaller roads.

After about 40 minutes, we were close to where her house was. We did not realise how far away she lived from the train station.

We knocked on a door of a house and there was no answer. A neighbour was near and we asked him if Juliana lived there, and he said that she did not, so we must have woken up whoever lived inside by mistake. He pointed towards another house further down the street, and we walked towards it.

It was a nice, big old house, which was painted white.

Ian rang the doorbell, and there was no answer. He rang again, then a few times more, and there was still no answer.

We were worried that we had found the wrong house again.

I suggested we tried calling Juliana. We both had different mobile numbers stored on our phones, and neither of us could get through to her.

We knocked on the door once more both worried that we were going to be stuck on the streets of London for the night.

We might have had to join the homeless for the night

Eventually a light came on from within the house.

Juliana opened the door, which was a great relief.

We went inside and she made us tea, Brian her partner was there too.

Juliana showed us round her nice home and showed us a full size bronze statue of herself.

We chatted for many hours right into the earlier hours of the morning.

I left Ian and Juliana chatting, and I went upstairs to bed to catch some sleep.


After my sleep, I went back downstairs. Ian was asleep on a sofa and Juliana was busy writing a blog on her laptop.

Ian on the sofa

Juliana told us about her masked ball birthday party, which we were both invited to go along to in a few weeks time.

The flyer for Juliana's maked ball birthday party

She had designed an outfit for herself to wear, which was based on Harley Quinn from Batman.

Harley Quinn with the Joker

Juliana's costume was being made in China out of her favourite fetish material of latex, and she was hoping it would be finished in time for her birthday party.

Me and Ian both needed to buy costumes for us to wear at Juliana’s masked ball birthday party, and she knew the right place to go and get them.

Juliana got changed into a pretty white dress and pink high heel shoes.

Her partner Brian drove us all to another part of London to shop for our party outfits.

The event we were going to was the London Fetish Fair at Parker McMillan which is near the Barbican Centre

Parker McMillan was an interesting venue.

Outside the enterence of Parker McMillan

It was underground and was like being inside a bricked warren of archways and tunnels.

Me inside the depths of Parker McMillan


Juliana showed us round some of the stalls selling that were selling unusual outfits, and then Ian and I had a look round ourselves.

Me and Juliana in her pretty white dress and pink high heels

Some of the stuff on sale was quite strange, such as gas masks, leather harnesses, handcuffs, whips, bondage and fetish items, it all looked a bit sinister.

There was a room which was closed off, which I did not enter. It had a large neon crucifix on the wall, and what I imagined was the sound of flogging coming from within it.

Some of the people walking round looked unusual too. There were a few guys dressed as women, and some women dressed in strange fetish outfits. An old guy who must have been close to seventy had a shaved head and lots of piercings in his face. One rather large lady who was wearing latex looked like a giant rubber beach ball! Some of the women looked very attractive though.

There were a lot of normal looking people too walking round. They could be office workers, bankers and politicians by day, and dominatrixes or slaves at night!

I don’t get the fetish scene myself, but I guess it could be different and fun, I wouldn’t know!

Daddy controls your breathing - The League of Gentlemen - BBC comedy

Ian found one mask for himself, which was black leather and had insect type eyes. It was too expensive for his budget though, so he didn’t get it. He didn’t buy anything at the event, but had fun looking round.

I found a black shirt and tie, which had two metal spikes coming out from the collar. I was almost tempted to wear them to the office. I also found a black mask. I bought them to wear at Juliana’s upcoming birthday party.

We found Juliana dressed in just her white underwear. She was trying on a pair of steel ballet shoes, which a friend of hers had made her. She is also a professional ballet dancer as well as a model and actress.

They looked quite uncomfortable to wear. She managed to stand on her toes, and I helped her balance.

Juliana asked Ian to film her on her video camera wearing the steel ballet shoes. I can be seen in the video holding her hand helping her to balance.

BALLET STEEL higher than heels

She would like to gain a complete metal outfit to look like the pop singer Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga

I bought myself a gin and tonic and Ian a beer at the bar there, and we went to sit outside the venue.

Whilst we were sat outside Juliana came out dressed in her white underwear and steel ballet shoes. Some photographers started taking her pictures and someone else was filming her, there was quite a crowd forming. I took some pictures on my camera as well.

Ian and Juliana

Juliana and me

She later made them into a video. I can be seen in the video too, watch it below.

Onna engineers a cunning plan BALLET STEEL

Brian had kindly bought us all some sandwiches, so we ate them whilst we were sat outside.

We left the fetish event not long after.

We thanked both Juliana and Brian for a fun time, letting us stay overnight at their home and for taking us to the event.

Brian then pointed Ian and me to the nearest tube station. 

We caught the train to Waterloo, and then another train back to Guildford. Ian fell asleep on the train back home, as he was so tired after our weekend out.

I enjoyed my weekend in London, it was very fun and different.

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