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Last month on the evening of Friday 7th August, I was invited to the launch of the first open mic poetry night at the Lightbox in Woking.

The invite came from Gareth, one of the organisers of the Den of Voice poetry group.

I've been to some of the Den of Voice events at the Boileroom in Guildford, which you can read about here.

The Lightbox is a new gallery and museum in Woking. You can view their website here.

The Lightbox in Woking

I went to the event with my friend Russell.

We met at Woking train station, and it was about 10 minutes walk to the Lightbox from there.

We arrived at the event early. It was held inside the bar and bistro area.

Pictures from the Lightbox's bar and bistro

I saw Gareth the organiser sat with some others round a table near the bar. He said that we could have a look around the gallery whilst we were waiting for the open mic night to begin.

We went to walk upstairs to view the gallery, but we set off the alarms. It was very loud. A lady who works at the gallery quickly came over to switch the alarms off.

The gallery section was closed at that time in the evening, which was a shame.

We then sat outside and had some drinks as we waited for the start.

The event began a bit later on, and we went back inside to see it.

We sat on some comfortable leather sofas, and were joined by two nice ladies, and together we watched the various local poets read out their poems.

The lady who sat next to Russell, was Susie, a new organiser for the Den of Voice.

Susie knows my friend Frog, its a small world.

The lady sat next to me got up to read a few of her poems on the mic too.

There were quite a few people who came along to watch or perform on the open mic.

I've included a video of one of the poets taken by somebody at the event below.

John & Dan Perform Live In The Lightbox

I enjoyed the poems that were performed on the mic.

At the end of the event there was a small play performed by two women sat at a table called 'The Tiniest Poem in the World' which was a play by Gareth who had invited me to the event.

After the event ended, Russell and I made our way to leave the Lightbox.

On the way out I spoke to Elizabetta, who I know from the Buddhist meditation group that I sometimes visit. She also runs the Den of Voice poetry group.

We walked from the Lightbox back to the Woking town centre.

We visited a few local pubs and bars to have some more drinks.

It was a good night out.

I'll have to visit Woking more often for events and nights out there, and to check out the gallery exhibits of the Lightbox.

Comments on Open Mic Poetry Night At The Lightbox

Posted by Chris | 15 September, 2009 11:11 PM | Chris's home page | | Permalink

Great post. I love open mic poetry. I have given your blog another review at my new review site called null. I absolutely love this blog, and thank-you for the post you did on my blog. I appreciate it and look forward to your next post.

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 16 September, 2009 9:23 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Open mic poetry is cool. I've really enjoyed seeing the Den of Voice events. There is another event of theirs coming up next Wednesday, I might go to it if I have a friend free to join me out that night.

Thanks for your second review of my blog on your Super Reviews site.

I like your writing style, and I'll follow your blog to read all your latest reviews.

Edited: 16 September, 2009 9:27 PM

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