Frog Playing Music On His RS7000

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I recently caught up with Frog round his cottage, to see how he was doing with his RS7000, and whether he could bang a tune out of it yet.

Frog mastering his RS7000

You can read here when I went along with Frog to pick up his RS7000, which was just after he bought it off someone on eBay.

Frog let me have a go. I’m not very musical, but it was fun to play with his RS7000. I had a bit of a tune come out of it.

I took a video of Frog performing on his RS7000. The sound is sadly not that great, as I recorded him on my mobile.

Frog Playing his RS7000

There is a better video of Frog playing his RS7000, which has better sound, which I have also included below.

RS7000 Muting & Tweaking Fun

I had an enjoyable few hours with Frog listening and watching him making his music.

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