My Role In Lady Onna's Music Video

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In February, a friend from London called Juliana gave me the opportunity to appear with her in her own music video.

My previous time in front of the camera was for the BBC, which you can read about here.

I first met Juliana back in November 2007, which was at the HeyJo Club in London. The club owner David West was doing a launch party of his new talent agency that night, which you can read about here.

The music video was going to be filmed on the Isle of Wight, which is where her second home called ‘The Sanctuary’ is located.

Juliana is a lady of many talents, she is composite engineer, an actress, dancer, a model, very intelligent, and many more things too.


Juliana covered in gold leaf

Juliana hosting some event

Juliana is also well known as a latex fetish model called Lady Onna, and she used to have her own shop on the Isle of Wight, where she designed and made outfits made out of latex.

Lady Onna and Catwoman

Juliana has very beautiful looks and features.

I have included a few videos of Juliana below, one of where she made a mermaid outfit and swam in the sea with it, and her previous music video filmed on the Isle of Wight.

Rubber Mermaid Onna Swimming in the Sea

Rubus - ReStart Again - ft. Lady Onna

Lady Onna in Latex at the London Fetish Fair

I had some holiday booked off work, so I helped out with the video during that time.

The music video was for a song called 'The Séance Of Our Paths' which Juliana had written and sang herself, and her friend Blakberi had made the music to it. I have included the lyrics to the song below.

The Séance Of Our Paths
By Lady Onna
Music by Blakberi

Time divides the paths we walk,
We do not see each other's fork,
Each has our vision maimed and short,
Yet fate is feeling without seeing,
The sense the paths we walk.

Where... it comes from,
I do not know,
Third eye of touching,
Close them so I show.

Glass divides the ground we stand,
We see each other now our plan,
Each has our voice now mouthed unsang,
Yet fate is glowing without showing,
The pillars that we stand.

Where.. it comes from
I do not know,
Aura, of frozen,
Melt away the glass,

Encapsulate, the time our paths,
Short lived we share each to pass,
Beautiful spell while it lasts,
Yet fate is fearing and revering,
Connected energy our paths.

Where.. you come from
I do not know,
Stay with me forever,
Freeze the time to slow,

Time divides the paths we walk,
We're torn to tread a different fork,
Each has our vision tears and joy,
Yet fate is harder without barter,
The Seance of paths we walk.

Where.. you come from
I do not know,
Remember me forever,
The magic of our Show.

There was me, Juliana, her partner Brian, Egita and Blakberi travelling to the Isle of Wight to make the video together.

We were going to meet in North London and travel together in her partner Brian’s pick up truck, and get on the ferry to the Isle of Wight. However, it was easier for me to meet them in Portsmouth or Southampton and get on the ferry with them from there.

Southampton was the place we decided to meet up.

That evening I packed my bag with my things and took my camera along with me.

I caught the train from Guildford to Woking, then from Woking to Southampton Central.

Guildford train station

As I arrived in Southampton, I received a call on my mobile from Juliana to say that they had been delayed due to traffic in London, and they would be late getting there. She said they would be getting the Ferry, and that I might as well get on another Ferry and meet them on the island, as they would be some time arriving in Southampton.

I got on a bus to the nearest Ferry port.

At the ferry port I arrived at, they had fast speed catamaran boats to ferry people across, which use high-speed diesel engines with water-jet propulsion. The journey in one of them would take just 23 minutes to get to the island. The vehicle ferry that Juliana and the others were going to use would take 55 minutes.

The catamaran

So, I thought to get on the catamaran and have a beer or coffee on the island whilst I wait for them to arrive.

Getting on the catamaran

I enjoyed the catamaran ride, although it was at night, and I could not see much out of the window, I could see the lights of Southampton getting smaller in the distance and the lights of the Isle of Wight getting bigger as I approached the island. It felt quite fast too.

The view from my window

The approaching lights of the Isle of Wight

As I arrived at the island at a place called West Cowes, I received a call from Juliana to say they were running late and could I meet them in a pub close to the ferry port. I had a walk round to find a pub, I went in two and they were both full of people with nowhere to sit, which made it awkward for me, as I had two big bags with me.

I decided to return to the reception area of the ferry port and have a hot drink whilst I wait for them to arrive.

The ferry port which I waited at

Whilst I was waiting, I had a look at the ferry timetable and noticed there were two ferry ports. I was at West Cowes, which is where the fast catamaran port is, whilst the vehicle ferry Juliana and the others were due to get on would arrive at East Cowes. I had a look on a map; East and West Cowes looked very close together and were separated by a floating bridge service. I thought it would be easy for them to drive over to where I am when they arrived.

East and West Cowes

Cowes floating bridge

I waited quite a long time, the hours ticked by, and then the ferry port I was waiting at had to close for the night.

I had to stand outside, as the pubs were now closed.

It was quite cold outside, as it was wintertime. I was starting to freeze.

Juliana called again to say their ferry was reaching the port. I told them I was at West Cowes. Unfortunately, for me, the floating bridge linking East and West Cowes was now closed for the night. They had to drive 11 miles around the island to get to me.

The 11 mile route marked in blue which they had to drive round to meet me

I was glad when I eventually saw their pick up truck arrive in the early hours of the morning.

I jumped in the backseat and squeezed in next to Juliana who was also sat next to another guy. The back of the truck was loaded up with camera equipment, clothes, and bags of other stuff for the shoot.

Juliana introduced me to the guy sat next to her, who was called Blakberi. He is an actor, filmmaker and musician, who was filming the music video, producing it, and making the music. She also introduced me to her partner Brian who was driving, and Egita who I've met before, and was sat in the front passenger seat.


I had also met Egita at the launch party of the talent agency in the HeyJo Club. Egita was an agent for the agency. Juliana and Egita knew each other from the agency, as Juliana worked as an agent there too for a while.

We drove to Juliana’s second home in Ryde.

Her home was very nice inside; it was in an old school building, which had been converted into a house.

I had a warm bath to thaw me out from the cold. I went to bed not long after. There was a fetish theme in some of the rooms, including a large chair with straps, which looked like the type of chair you would get strapped into whilst being administered a lethal injection in a US jail! I stayed in a very nice looking room, which had a comfortable heated bed all to myself. I slept well that night.

The room I stayed in

In the morning, I went across to the kitchen to have breakfast.

Blakberi was busy working on his laptop making a dancey, drum and bassey track to go with Juliana’s song.

Juliana was sitting at the kitchen table, and Egita was standing behind her doing her hair, and then did her make up.

Long strands of black hair extensions were being glued into Juliana’s real hair to create a ghostly, witch or vampire type of look.

Juliana having her hair extensions put in

Egita helping with Juliana's hair

Her hair was very long!

The finished look with the hair

Juliana reminded me a bit of the Japanese girl with the long black hair, who crawled out of a TV, which is from the horror film Ringu.

Ringu: Sadako Yamamura will come and get you!

Juliana then did Egita’s hair, make up, and then she helped her try on a wedding dress for the music video.

Juliana doing Egita's hair and make up

The costume Juliana wore was a long dark red dress, which looked Victorian and Gothic styled.

Juliana sometimes changed into her outfits around the house. I guess being a model; you get used to your own body, and are not so reserved about such things. I quite enjoyed it, as she is a very attractive woman.

The costume I was given was a long black leather coat, which looked like a cross between a Matrix style outfit and highwayman’s coat. My hair was gelled and my face was made to look darker with dark eye shadow painted around my eyes and black stubble was added.

They said I looked too friendly, and needed to look more mean, so I tried to look mean for them.

After we had our breakfast, Brian loaded up the pick up truck with film cameras and equipment and then drove, Juliana, Egita, Blakberi and myself round the Isle of Wight, looking for suitable locations to film the music video.

Juliana knew of some locations, which we could use. She was hoping to use a dried up swamp there, as when she was last on the island, as it looked quite effective by being barren, with cracks in the ground.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the swamp, it had grown over with grass, so was not suitable. We drove round further looking at some woodland and other places.

In the afternoon we filmed a scene at a graveyard close to Juliana’s house. Blakberi and Brian was filming. Blakberi was also directing.

Blakberi, Juliana, and Brian unloaded the pick up truck

Blakberi filming

Brian filming

I was not in this scene.

Juliana was filmed walking through the graveyard, some of it was edited later on to make her translucent like a ghost.

Juliana in the graveyard

Juliana and Egita keeping warm, Egita is wearing my coat

Egita was filmed in the wedding dress. Water and air was squirted into her eyes to make it look as though she was crying. She was then filmed with blood in her hands holding her stomach, to make it look as though she had been stabbed. Egita then collapses on the ground.

Egita having water squirted into her eyes

The fake blood in Egita's hand

Egita collapsed on the ground

Egita looking very beautiful

I helped with the lighting and with keeping Juliana and Egita warm with a blanket and the flask of tea which we shared. 

I took lots of pictures on my camera as well.

I also caught Egita off screen when she fell. I cut my finger on Egita’s tiara when I caught her. I didn’t realise until we were sat in the back of the truck together keeping warm under a blanket, as my blood went everywhere. Egita kindly put a bandage on for me.

It was very cold, we were all shivering in our costumes, but we warmed each other up with the blankets and tea.

Egita had to put up with a lot of things in the cold, such as having air and water squirted in her eyes, falling over, and lots of wandering round the graveyard. She was always giggling and never complained, I thought she was a really good sport for doing that.

Juliana, Blakberi, and Egita

As the sun started setting, we had to stop filming, but by then we had finished most of the scene.

We loaded up the truck and left the graveyard.

As we had drank so much tea during the day, we stopped off by a hotel to use the toilets there. We looked funny walking together, with me in dark black, and Juliana in her dark red Gothic outfit and Egita in her wedding dress. It was difficult to tell if we had come from a funeral or wedding.

Juliana then went to Ryde to visit one of her friends; it looked funny when she was running along the High Street with her long hair blowing behind her and people looking at her.

We then stopped off at a fish and chips restaurant. It was quite surreal to see us sat together in costume eating fish and chips. 

Juliana and Egita in costume inside the fish and chips shop

The pretty bride and the undertaker - Egita and me

When we got back to Juliana’s place, we got changed and relaxed for a bit.

Blakberi started work on his laptop to edit the video.

In the late evening Egita and myself went out for a walk, to see if we could find an off-licence to buy some alcoholic drink to share.

I bought a bottle of Malibu rum and some sweets from a shop we found.

Malibu Rum

We got a bit lost walking back to Juliana’s house, as it was dark. I quite enjoyed being lost with Egita though, as we were having so much fun chatting away to each other, and walking round the houses.

We eventually called Juliana on my mobile and got directions back to her house.

It took us a while to find our way back, as all the roads looked very similar.

I had some drinks and then went to bed.

The next day we finished off filming at the graveyard.

Then we did some filming in some woodland on a hill close to the beach.

I was in the woodland scene along with Juliana, Egita and Brian.

Me and Brian were dressed the same in black clothes and long leather jackets.

Me trying to look mean, which is difficult for me to do!


"Stop smiling Barry!"

Brian and myself had to chase Juliana through the woodland. I was given a samurai styled sword.

Juliana running through the woods

I'm coming after you!

Me giving chase

Chase me!

I look mean here!

It was quite funny, as we kept slipping on the mud and leaves as it was a little bit wet, and on a slope. Juliana kept getting her dress and tights caught on the bramble thorns.

There will be some great outtakes from the filming.

I also missed my mark and ran the wrong way towards Blakberi with my sword, which scared him. It was funny, and will make another good outtake.

At the end of the scene, Brian and myself catch up with Juliana, who has fallen on the ground, and I pretend to stab her with my sword, and then the filming for the music video ends.

Juliana falls over as me and Brian catch up with her

Me and Brian catch up Juliana and I start to raise my sword

Just as we were finishing filming, it started to rain.

After the filming, we carried everything back up the hill towards the truck quickly to avoid the rain and to keep the equipment dry.

Egita went back home that afternoon. I went to the ferry port with her along with Juliana and Brian to say goodbye to her. Egita was wearing a cute Russian ushanka styled hat. I was a little bit sad to see her go, as she was always bubbly, fun, giggling and laughing, which make her great company to be with.

That evening Juliana prepared filming for another video, which was based on a monologue she had written.

Blakberi helped Juliana rehearse the lines and gave her advice with the acting style.

Blakberi was also going to be in the video as a sort of warrior leader dressed in a leather kilt, with the samurai sword, and buckled harness across his chest.

I helped Brian build a set for the filming in their living room. Although it just consisted of the sofa, and many cushions piled up around the sofa and up against the walls, with lots of ordainment's dotted around, it looked very effective.

The set looked quite Arabic or Middle-Eastern style. It was made to look like a Queen’s throne room.

Juliana invited three of her friends who lived nearby to be in the video, and they all agreed. Two young women and a young guy. They came round her house that evening to discuss it.

Brian set up two cameras in the living room, and I helped with filming Blakberi and Juliana acting their monologue together.

The next day we continued with the filming of the monologue. The two young women came round to be in the video, but the young guy did not come with them. The two women sat at Juliana’s feet on the cushions to the right, whilst Blakberi came into the shot and sat on the left, to say his lines to Juliana. I sat at Blakberi’s feet whilst they were filming. At the end of the scene, Blakberi gives me the sword and I stand up and walk away with it.

The monologue was going to act as a sort of introduction to the music video and gives clues to the reasons why Egita and Juliana were killed by the sword, and becoming ghosts.

It took most of the day to do.

Later on, we packed our things and loaded up Brian’s truck to head back to the ferry.

That evening, we had a meal together in an Indian restaurant, before we got on the ferry. Juliana had put her hair extensions into three long plaits, which went down to below her waist.

Inside the Indian restaurant there was a TV playing Indian music videos. We had fun spotting Indian cover versions of popular Western songs, including a version of  ‘My Heart Will Go On' from the Titanic movie.

I hate this song, they played it to death when it came out!

After the meal we had a few drinks in an old mans pub close to the ferry port. Juliana got a bit tipsy.

Old man's pub

When the ferry arrived, Brian drove on to it.

We sat on one of the decks inside the ferry.

As it was night we couldn’t see the sea out of the windows.

Juliana was funny when she was tipsy.

The ferry took a long time to get across the sea back to Southampton.

Brian kindly drove me all the way back to Guildford.

We drove across the Hogs Back, there was an eerie mist and fog as we drove along the road.

When we arrived back in Guildford, I said my goodbyes and thanked them.

I then caught a taxi back home to Cranleigh in the early hours of the morning.

I had a great time with them filming on the Isle of Wight.

It was great experience and I enjoyed being both in front of the camera, and behind it.

I was hoping to show the finished music video on my blog, but unfortunately, Blakberi moved to Canada and has not had time to finish editing it. This is why this blog is many months late, as I was waiting to see the finished video.

Maybe one day it will get completed and you will get to see it.

It does not matter though, as we all had so much fun making it, being on the island, and we got some great photos together.

I would do it all again.

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Barry, I must tell you that this blog is simply wonderful. I see that you don't have a lot of comments and I'm thinking that maybe the blog is new. Let me tell you, it's great. I love your story on Julianna. She is very beautiful and talented. I watched the mermaid video and it was beautiful. reat job. I'm going to give you a little prompt on my blog. I don't get a ton of traffic, but it should throw a few hits your way. Keep up the great work.

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Posted by Barry | 11 September, 2009 5:14 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Hi Chris. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my blog. Thank you for the great feedback and for writing about my site on your blog. I like your site as well. Best wishes. Barry

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