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Back in June I heard that there was going to be a series of five comedy stand up nights in the Stoke pub in Guildford, which were preview shows for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I went along with some friends to four of the shows.

The full line up of comedians for the preview shows

They do a regular stand up comedy night in the Stoke pub called 'You Must Be Stoking!'. I’ve been to one of their comedy nights before last year, which you can read about here.

The first of the Edinburgh preview shows was on Wednesday 3rd June, and included female comedian Jo Caufield, who has her own show on BBC Radio 4. The other comedian on that night was Gordon Southern who has also appeared on a sketch show on BBC Radio 4. I went to this show with my friend Russell, who I met through the Gumtree website earlier this year.

Jo Caulfield was quite funny, although some of her language was quite blue, which to me did not sound right coming from a woman. She was testing out her material with the audience to find the best jokes, which she could use at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jo Caulfield - Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow - BBC One

Gordon Southern was on next. He was very funny and did a good stand up. It was a fun night out seeing the first comedy show.

Gordon Southern - Stand Up Australia

The second comedy show I saw on Wednesday 17th June with Russell and Ed included Edward Aczel as the first comedian, who is apparently a favourite of a TV comedian Jimmy Carr. The other comedy act due on that night was a duo called Kiosk of Champions, but they unfortunately pulled out, so we had another comedian on instead, whose name I have forgotten. My birthday was a few days before the event, so it was a birthday night out for me.

Edward Aczel had a deadpan type of humour, but he was just not funny at all. Many people in the audience got fed up with him. A lady sitting next to us was saying ‘Is he supposed to be funny, where are the jokes?’ He got heckled quite a bit. He started off his act drawing diagrams and charts on a flip chart. He told a bad joke about kicking a pony to death, which didn’t go down too well with the audience. He then finished the show off with a raffle with rubbish random prizes. I guess its hard to be a good comedian, I could not do it. I think he should stick to his day job rather than try to be funny.

Edward Aczel - Do I really have to communicate with you?

The next comedian on state was the guy whose name I can’t remember. He was very funny and wacky and picked out a number of people from the audience. It was quite a contrast compared to the previous act. There were some posh young Army Officers in the audience from Sandhurst, and he picked on them a bit, but they took it in good spirits. At the end of his show, he asked the Army Officers to come up on stage with him, and he got them to break dance, which was very amusing.

The third show on Wednesday 1st July I missed, as I had no one free to go out with me that night.

For the forth comedy stand up night they had Ali Cook a TV magician on stage, and then Paul Kerensa who hosts the event on with his own comedy routine, which I saw with my friend Russell.

Ali Cook’s magic tricks were fun to watch, he did a gruesome one where it looked liked he was swallowing razor blades. He then pulled them out of his mouth on a piece of string and blood went everywhere, which was all part of the act.

Ali Cook - Beheads a dove!

Paul Kerensa did a brilliant comedy stand up, which he went to a lot of effort to do. His act was called ‘Back to the Futon’, which was based on the ‘Back to the Future’ movie.

Outside in the car park was a DeLorean DMC-12 car, which is the same model of car as used in the movie, with the doors that open sideways. It must be a nightmare to park the car, because if you park in-between two cars, you couldn’t get out of the vehicle!

The DeLorean car outside the venue

Paul Kerensa appeared in the local Surrey Advertiser newspaper about the comedy show he did that night.

Paul 'McFly' Kerensa in the local paper

Paul dressed as Marty McFly from Back to the Future, and had the flying skateboard. He also showed a short comedy film he made based on the movie.

Back To The Futon

On Wednesday 5th August, it was the fifth and final show. My friend Ian had just come over from the States, so I went with Ian, Russell and Ed to see it. The tickets for the show had sold out some days before the event, but I thought it was worth going, in-case anyone had dropped out making some tickets spare. The reason the show had sold out of tickets, was because they had a TV star called Lee Mack from BBC1’s series ‘Not Going Out’. The other act that night was a lady comic poet called Jude Simpson. Luckily, for the four of us, there was a guy standing near the entrance of the function room of the Stoke, who himself could not go, as his friends had dropped out of coming, he had four tickets to sell. So we bought our tickets from him, and we were then all able to go to the event.

Lee Mack was a great stand up comic, although his jokes were very adult. He made fun of some hecklers in the audience, which was hilarious, as he was very quick with his comebacks.

Lee Mack - Live At The Apollo

Jude Simpson was on last. Her songs and poems were great, and very amusing. She did her own comedy versions of a number of popular songs and played music on her guitar. After she finished her act, it was the finish of the Edinburgh preview shows.

Jude Simpson - Love Poem

'You Must Be Stoking!' Is a great way to spend an evening out, I look forward to seeing more comedy events at the Stoke.

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Posted by Julehya | 28 August, 2009 10:53 AM | Julehya's home page | | Permalink

Wow! I really watched all those videos and read your post through the end. How about that? LOL. I must say I was entertained. Great blog you got. I would be back.


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Posted by Barry | 28 August, 2009 1:03 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Thanks for reading the post and watching all of the videos, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like your photography on your website. Best wishes. Barry

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