The Saatchi Gallery And A Play

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Last month my friend Jeannie invited me to join her in London for the day to visit a gallery and to watch a play.

I caught a train from Guildford to Waterloo station in London, and then from there, I got on the Underground train to meet Jeannie outside Sloane Square tube station.

Sloane Square Tube Station

Jeannie was a little late arriving to Sloane Square tube station, but I had time to admire the scenery whilst I waited. Sloane Square is quite a posh area of London near Chelsea. There are nice looking old buildings around the square with a fountain in the centre and a monument.

Sloane Square

The gallery we were visiting that day is the Saatchi Gallery. You can find out more about the gallery by visiting their website here.

Gallery video

We walked from Sloane Square through Chelsea and arrived at the gallery.

The Saatchi Gallery

I never heard of the Saatchi Gallery before until Jeannie told me about it, so I was looking forward to seeing what type of art exhibits were inside it.

Jeannie took my picture outside the gallery, and I took a picture of the gallery building.

Me standing near the entrance

The outside of the building was old style and inside it was modern.

Inside the gallery

The theme of the art on display during the time I visited was modern Middle Eastern.

One of my favourite works there called ‘Ghosts’ was created by an artist called Kader Attia. It featured Muslim women in prayer represented by empty husks made out of tin foil.

Another artwork I saw and liked was a miniature refugee camp, complete with lights and sounds effects coming from it, which was created by a Palestinian artist called Wafa Hourani.

Refugee camp

There were many interesting paintings and sculptures.

My friend Jeannie looking round the gallery

I sometimes feel like my head is going to do this


Looked like a 3D map

We walked into a room which had a giant man lying on a bed. He looked like he was asleep or hung-over, complete with his giant beer cans and cigarettes scattered around him.

A giant hungover man

In another room there were some unusual figures dressed in women’s underwear, which had watermelons as breasts. The artist had also made abstract nude pictures out of distorted photographs of himself.

A nice pair of melons

The artist

The artwork I liked the most featured old men in electric wheelchairs whizzing around. The models looked very lifelike. They were dressed in suits, high-ranking captains, war heroes and even an old priest. I guess to me the art on display was saying that even the most powerful of people end up weak and helpless. I took a video of them on my camera.

I enjoyed looking at the different types of photography on display as well.

There were some large blown up photographs of blurry faces, which reminded me of how I sometimes see people without my glasses on!

We also saw some photographs that looked like old black and white pictures of various Middle Eastern people, but next to them, they would be standing next to something modern, like a vacuum cleaner, which was funny.

Muslim lady with a vacuum cleaner

It was interesting looking round seeing the different types of art.

After we finished walking round the Saatchi Gallery we browsed round a market outside.

The market was selling all types of nice looking and smelling foods from around the world. However, we decided to find a restaurant to eat in.

We wandered round Chelsea trying to find somewhere to eat, but we couldn’t make our minds up where to go. On the way we passed a guy in the street painting a picture.

Jeannie suggested we go to Covent Garden, so we caught a tube train to there.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden was very busy. 

An old London bus was on display which was a Routemaster. I remember getting on Routemasters around London before they got rid of them. They were great buses built from the 1950's, which were so well made they were used in service until 2005.

An old Routemaster

We also saw a few performers in Covent Garden. There was a lady dressed as a clown standing still like a statue. There are so many street performers in London pretending to be statues.

I also saw quite a few stretch limos driving around. There was even an amphibian vehicle that drove past, maybe it had just come out of the Thames river.

I wonder who is being driven in this limo

We had lunch sitting outside of Cote Bistro, a nice French restaurant. I had Cod Goujons, which were bread crumbed slices of cod fillet with frites and tartar sauce that tasted amazing.

After we finished our meal Jeannie wanted to see a play called ‘The Last Cigarette’.

The play was on at the Trafalgar Studios.

We got in a taxi to another part of London to meet Jeannie’s friend, who gave us two free tickets to see the show, then we made our way to the theatre.

Trafalgar Studios

Inside the theatre, we handed in our tickets and sat down near the back.

As there were some empty seats nearer the stage, we moved to there.

Simon Gray, a famous playwright who died last year of lung cancer, wrote the play. He was well known for his memoirs about himself. The Last Cigarette was a play about him facing death.

Simon Gray

Felicity Kendal was starring in the play, along with two male actors Jasper Britton and Nicholas Le Prevost.

All three actors were playing Simon Gray and dressed the same.

I found the play interesting at first witnessing the life and words of Simon Gray about his past and facing death. After a while, there was so much talking between the three actors, that I lost concentration and fell asleep. It was quite tiring trying to keep up with it all. Jeannie fell asleep as well. I ate some tasty ice cream during the interval.

When the play ended we headed back to the nearest Underground train station passing Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column along the way.

Nelson's Column

I left Jeannie at the Underground station and thanked her for a nice day out. I caught a train to Waterloo, and another back home to Guildford.

I had an interesting time in London, and it was good to fit in the gallery, meal and theatre show all in one day.

Comments on The Saatchi Gallery And A Play

Posted by ian | 21 June, 2009 12:26 AM | ian's home page | | Permalink

thanks for taking us with you on your trip to London; it truly felt like we were there with you.

your blog is really something else. i have a serious case of blog-envy just about now =] it's so pristinely you, without being pretentious. i like it. i like it a lot.

have a great week ahead. cheers!

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 21 June, 2009 11:18 AM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Thanks for the comment Ian and for visiting my blog.

Glad you enjoyed my trip to London.

I will be writing about a weekend event I went with my friend Frog soon. It was called Alternative View 2, which was held in a hotel by Heathrow airport. Keep an eye out for it.

Have a great week ahead too.

Posted by Arlene deWinter | 29 June, 2009 6:45 AM | Arlene deWinter's home page | | Permalink

Thanks for the mini tour of London! I lived there for 9 years and have just been back in Seattle fir 2 years. How many times I wandered through Covent Garden! It was fun to see it all again. Great blog design too!

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