May Day In Brighton

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Yesterday was May Day, a traditional day of festivities dating back from Pagan times.

Frog asked me if I wanted to join him in Brighton that day. He was heading down to Brighton to pick up a digital musical box of tricks called the RS7000, which he had won by bidding for it on the ebay website.

An RS7000 in action

I could not drive us to Brighton that day, as my car was being serviced.

I got on the bus and headed towards Guildford where Frog lives.

On the way, my bus passed a road traffic accident close to Shalford Park. A motor cyclist was lying in the road in an awkward position with a woman standing beside him holding his hand. His bike was also lying damaged at the side of the road. A car halfway across both lanes was facing him, which had come out of a side turning. As the bus drove round the scene, an ambulance was coming the other way. It felt horrific to come across that, as I do not know if he lived or died.

I got off the bus in Guildford at the bus stop by Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

I did a bit of shopping in the town. I bought a magazine and drew out some money at the bank.

I then walked along the River Wey towards Frog’s cottage.

As I walked along the river I heard a bike come up behind me, it was Frog on his mountain bike, he'd also been shopping in the town.

I followed Frog on his bike towards his cottage. I took some pictures of the river and of Frog on my camera. Frog took a few photos of me.

The River Wey

Frog on his bike

Frog cycling towards his cottage


We passed some cows by the river bank, which were standing in Shalford’s flood plain.


Then we reached Frog’s cottage and I had a coffee whilst Frog was getting ready.

Mark, who is Frog’s housemate, was also there. He now works from home as a freelance graphic artist. Mark has just recently returned to England from travelling, you can read about his travels on his blog here.

Frog printed off directions and a map of where the guy lived in Brighton, who he had purchased the RS7000 from.

We all got in Mark’s car to travel to Brighton, with Frog acting as a navigator, as he used to live in Brighton.

Mark had not driven his car for three months as he was away travelling, but the car worked fine on the way to Brighton.

It didn’t take long to drive to Brighton. Mark parked his car in a multi-storey car park and the flat where the guy selling his RS7000 lived, was next to it.

Inside the flat, the guy showed Frog the RS7000 with its various bits and pieces and the sounds it could emit, and Frog paid £375 for it. It was in good condition for a machine that was eight years old. It had only had one owner. Frog got a good bargain, as it cost £1500 or more when it was new. It came with a carrying case.

We left the flat and Frog carried it back towards Mark’s car.

Frog leaving the flat with his RS7000

Frog left his RS7000 in the back of Mark’s car, then we had a walk round Brighton.

We walked round The Lanes, which are a series of narrow streets full of interesting shops selling bright hippy alternative clothes, jewellery, records, bars, pubs, coffee shops, books, crafts, and art. The place was full of colourful and fashionable people; it’s a bit like how Carnaby Street in London was in the 1960’s. Some of the alternative styled women looked very nice; I wish there were more interesting characters like that in Guildford.

Frog walking through The Lanes

Mark walking through The Lanes

Frog and Mark

Mark fancied a curry, so Frog led us all to an Indian place called Bombay Aloo. They had a ‘much as you can eat’ vegetarian spicy buffet for £4.95. It was nice food, and it filled a hole, although it made my nose run.

Bombay Aloo

Inside Bombay Aloo

After our meal, we left and had a walk round some more of The Lanes to find a pub where we could sit outside and have a drink.

We found a pub we could sit outside, and Frog bought us a round of drinks.

It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Mark and Frog enjoying a drink

Mark looking tired


Whilst we were sat, we spotted an odd-looking old guy walking past us. He was dressed in a black leather cowboy outfit, yellow star shaped sun glasses, with a dyed blue beard and blue curly hair. A psychedelic cowboy, which I have never seen before. I joked to Frog that’s how he may look himself when he gets older.

The psychedelic cowboy

When we finished our drinks, we headed back to Mark’s car, as Frog was eager to try out his RS7000 at home, and Mark had some work to do.

On the way back to Mark’s car we passed some Morris Dancers, which is a traditional English thing to see on May Day.

Morris Dancers

Driving through Brighton I saw quite a bit of colourful graffiti from the car window.

Graffiti which read 'un conditional love'

We got stuck in traffic jams on the way back to Guildford, which was due to all of the May Day Bank Holidayiers going away for the weekend.

As we got nearer to Frog’s cottage, Mark’s car had problems with the lower gears. When he parked on the hill near Frog’s cottage the car nearly ended up rolling down it, and the clutch gave off a burning smell.

Inside Frog’s cottage we had some gin and tonics and watched Frog learning to use his RS7000. I got to hear some of the various drum beats, but Frog could not work out how to play a tune on it whilst I was there. The RS7000 has a steep learning curve, but probably by the next time I see Frog, he’ll be able to bang out a tune on it.

Frog with his new toy the RS7000

Frog reading the manual

Frog twiddling knobs

Comments on May Day In Brighton

Posted by luella | 02 May, 2009 11:33 PM | | Permalink

Really an awesome site. I enjoyed it .The river photos were excellent . I needed a little peace in life right now and that was nice ,thanks

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 05 May, 2009 4:10 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Thanks Luella, glad you enjoyed my blog.

Posted by ciamismanis | 05 May, 2009 5:28 PM | ciamismanis's home page | | Permalink

Nice and good articles in here, I’m glad to visiting in your blog, I hope we can make a friends in blogsphere……, come to visit and comment in my blog to friends. Thanks

Posted by Paul Baines | 11 May, 2009 5:47 PM | Paul Baines's home page | | Permalink

Nice post Barry - love the near real-time account of a day out. I live down the coast near Hastings, got my Arts degree at Brighton, my gf is always down there with her mates. Nice to see the pics on-line for a change. Cool blog mate.

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 11 May, 2009 6:55 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Hi Paul. Glad you enjoyed my blog. I know Hastings, great place, I liked the smugglers caves there. I loved your artwork and website. The picture you did called Reigning Men is brilliant, sums up the credit crunch perfectly.

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