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A few weeks ago, I met up with Ed for a few drinks and we went to see the Watchmen movie together at my local Odeon cinema.

Watchmen trailer

Watchmen is one of my favourite graphic novels, which was written by the eccentric Alan Moore in the mid 1980’s.

Alan Moore seems a similar sort of character to my friend Frog, as he is an intelligent hippy type into alternative things.

Alan Moore

The Mindscape of Alan Moore - Documentary trailer

Alan Moore on Inside Out

Alan Moore - Monsters, Maniacs and Moore

Quite a few of Alan Moore’s comic book stories have made it to film, including The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V For Vendetta, and From Hell. Alan Moore has distanced himself from the movies. He has requested not to be credited as the writer and not accepting payment on the films based on his work.

V For Vendetta

Watchmen is set during an alternative 1980’s timeline in the US, where masked, costumed vigilantes fight crime, and President Nixon is in his third term.

A retired superhero called the Comedian gets murdered by being thrown through a skyscraper window in the beginning of the story.

The Comedian being thrown to his death

The masked Rorschach who had fought together with the Comedian uncovers a plot to kill and discredit other superheroes known to him.


As Rorschach reconnects with his former crime-fighting team including the Nite Owl, Silk Spectre and Dr Manhattan, they discover a wide scale conspiracy connected to their past and catastrophic consequences for the future.

Nite Owl

Silk Spectre

Dr Manhatten


I enjoyed Watching the Watchmen movie, it was very similar to the comic book, and some scenes matched the comic book frames perfectly.

There were some things left out from the comic book in the film, but I did not expect them to include the entire story, as it would be impossible to fit it all in.

Special effects in the film were very good. The blue atomic Dr Manhattan was done in CGI, but you forget this whilst watching the story. Dr Manhattan was the only character with super powers.

The story was shot in a Noir style giving it a dark atmosphere. Some of the scenes of Rorschach walking through the streets reminded me a bit of Blade Runner in its style.


I was glad Watchmen was not made into a family movie, as this allowed it to be kept raunchy and violent like the original comic book.

Dr Manhattan and the Silk Spectre

The film was quite long, and I am sure there will be an extended DVD version coming out too. I look forward to buying the extended version of the film when it comes out on DVD.

I found out that the comic book is also available as a motion comic on DVD, which is animated, read about it here. I will get this version as well.

A clip from the Watchmen Motion Comic

Watchmen: The Motion Comic

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