My Battle Against Man Flu

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For a number of weeks now, I have been battling against the constant invasion and attack of man flu throughout my body.

My man flu started in its worst form, when I last went round Frog’s cottage, to drive us to our local Sunday Buddhist meditation group.

When I arrived at Frog’s cottage, my nose was like a dripping tap, and my throat was like burning fire.

I had a coffee and chat with Frog and his housemate Emily before we set off to our local Buddhist meditation group. As I had my camera with me, I took a few pictures of Frog and Emily.

Frog in his cottage

Emily in Frog's cottage

It was interesting to learn that Emily’s Dad made the theme tune to the Tripods BBC TV series. I have included a clip from the first episode below.

The Tripods

Once we had finished drinking our coffees, I drove Frog and Emily to our local Buddhist meditation group near the Guildford Cathedral.

During the meditation, my man flu made it difficult for me to meditate, due to my tickly cough and constant running nose.

Near the end of the meditation, a big crow landed on the roof of the meditation centre, and walked around the circumference of the buildings roof. The guy who runs the meditation group joked that the crow was looking down at us with curiosity.

We then had a break for herbal tea, and then we listened to the Buddhist meditation group debate.

After the meditation group had finished, we returned to my car.

I was also going to see my model friend Mandy for lunch that day, as she had kindly cooked me a meal. Mandy also invited my friends along too. I called Mandy on my mobile and she spoke to me and Frog. Emily could not sadly make it, but Frog agreed to come with me. Frog was keen to meet my new friend Mandy as he had heard good things about her from me.

I dropped off Emily at Frog’s cottage, and then I plugged in my Tom-Tom satellite navigation system into my car, which was to guide Frog and me towards Mandy’s house.

On our journey Frog took a few photos of us both in the car. I looked quite funny in the pictures due to my man flu and being all wrapped up like that.

Me all wrapped up whilst driving, with Frog taking photos

Frog taking pictures in my car

We arrived at Mandy’s house and she was very welcoming and polite as always. It was great to see her again, as she is such an amazingly kind and caring person.

Mandy cooked us both a very nice rice meal, and gave us some very nice peppermint tea to drink, with honey in it.

Frog made her a ‘Stick to Hold a Spiral On’ and told his story about spirals in the universe.

A Stick to Hold Your Spiral On by Frog

I took a picture of Mandy holding her Spiral on a Stick together with Frog.

Mandy with Frog

We then left to drive back to Guildford.

I returned home after I dropped Frog off, as I was feeling unwell with my man flu.

Over the coming weeks, my man flu got worse. I got very little sleep, splitting headaches, and then the weird dreams started to occur.

In my weird dreams, I was travelling through time, to the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden. Other places I went to time stood still.

Frozen Grand Central

Then I was joining all kinds of unknown forces above the clouds.

I guess that my virus must have spread to my brain due to my lack of sleep, and briefly gave me some form of paranoid delusions.

It was interesting to experience these odd dreams, but a little scary and overwhelming at times. 

One dream reminded me of a song by Tori Amos called 'Original Sinsuality', which I have included the video and lyrics below.

Original Sinsuality - Tori Amos

There was a garden
In the beginning
Before the fall
Before Genesis

There was a tree there
A tree of knowledge
Sophia would insist
You must eat of this

Original sin?
No, I don't think so
Original sinsuality
Original sin?
No, it should be
Original sinsuality
Original sin?
No, I don't think so
Original sinsuality

I'm calling you
You are not alone
I say
You are not alone
In your darkness
You are not alone
You are not alone

I told Frog about my strange battle with my man flu and the dreams I was having, and his great philosophical reply is included below;-

“Poor Bazzo, sounds to me like the virus is baking your noodle a little!

I think they can do that. When I had my fever a few weeks ago, had a weird set of images from my childhood coming at me. Best advice is to relax, eat well, be kind to yourself - and it will work its way out.

Haven’t been having any dreams about an invasion (sounds too much like a regular waking reality for me!) , but if you are looking for an antidote to such thinking, keep in mind Pratityasamutpada - that all things dependently originate from everywhere else, no matter how isolated they might appear.

In essence, if your consciousness is locking itself into an intrinsically separate identity, it will perceive all external phenomena as alien in essence - and as a result themes of invasion will be quite natural.

What I indicate is happening is that you are witnessing the process of your mundane body overcoming the virus on the conscious level.

That’s actually quite profound, because it shows you are gifted with insight into your being on subtle realms without your societal programming shutting it off. Either that or it’s a bastard of a virus.

Whatever it is, keep positive, and if it helps visualise yourself at peace with both yourself and the "alien invasion".

Sometimes these viruses are a form of karmic rebalancing that we go through, but most importantly, it is that we see that there is no differentiation between us and a perceived other, on the ultimate level.

The more we realise this is the case, the stronger we allow our immune system to function without interference and to shrug it off like flies off a cattle’s back.

Sending you some healing vibes, & rainbow energy, you will be feeling right as rain soon enough!

Gently, gently...

x Dr Frog (Augur)”

Because of my long battle against my man flu, I have not been out of the house much lately.

I missed going to one of my firm's Christmas meal's, which I had paid for. In addition, I missed seeing my friends for other nights out that I was invited to.

I did make it to see Tristan and his friends for an evening Christmas meal at the Refectory though, so I was glad to make that, even though I felt rough.

Check out the Christmas Mr Bean video below, its one of my favourite comedy scenes.

Mr Bean Christmas Scene

Other news is that I recently had a go at making some Pop Art images of myself, to look like comic book pictures; you can see my results below.

'BC 76' - There is some symbolism in this picture to represent my birth date (includes me meditating, a Ying Yang to represent Gemini, 7 and 6 the year I was born, a dragon as 1976 is the Chinese Year of The Dragon, and the sun behind me, as there was also a heat wave when I was born)

'007' - In this picture I tried to make myself look like James Bond. The gun came from an image found on Google and is not a real gun

'St George' - In this picture I was wearing a T-shirt with a English flag design which has the St George's Cross upon it

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Hey Bazzo, thanks for the write up, v enjoyable read and hope you've kicked the buggly.


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