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Last Wednesday evening I met up with my writer friend Jude in Guildford.

My writer friend Jude

We went to see the Boileroom Poetry Slam event together, which was on that night.

Both Elizabetta from my meditation group, and Jen , who I once sketched at one of Frog’s Sketchy Ferry Fairies Sketch Group nights, again hosted the event.

This time the poetry night was in a different format to the previous Den Of Voice events which I attended before with Frog and some of my other friends.

It was a poetry slam, where the audience can vote on their favourite poets by using flowers. We were given red, yellow, and white Carnation flowers to vote with.

This poetry event was also tied in with the Guildford Book Festival, so there was a large audience this time, and we had no where to sit for ages.

Guildford Book Festival

The listing for the Boileroom Poetry Slam in the Guildford Book Festival programme

My friend Jude had brought along a selection of poems to read at the event. I introduced Jude to Elizabetta and Jen, and urged her to enter the competition, and she did.

The standard of the other poets of the night was very high. There were twelve poets selected to go on stage, including my friend Jude.

The usual faces were there to perform including Nigel, the nice old lady writer Valerie, and the middle-aged poet couple who are deeply in love with each other, who like to read out erotic poetry about their relationship to everyone. I enjoyed watching all of them perform on stage; they were great and very entertaining.

Whilst Jude and myself were standing in the audience waiting for her turn to go on stage, we discovered that we were standing next two famous writers. They were a man called Glyn Maxwell and a woman called Stephanie Merritt , they may have been a couple, or friends with each other. They were both very nice and friendly people.

Famous poet and writer Glyn Maxwell

Famous writer Stephanie Merritt

Jude got chatting to both Glyn and Stephanie about their writing, and Jude told them about her own published work. I chatted to them a little bit too, but I was more interested in watching Jude chat to them both about writing and various other things.

Glyn Maxwell was the special guest of the night.

Glyn was also there with the manager of the local Waterstones bookshop, as he was selling and signing his latest poetry collection book called Hide Now. I bought the book, and I asked him to sign it for me.

Hide Now - By Glyn Maxwell

The Hide Well book signed to me by Glyn Maxwell

Glyn Maxwell was also in my hometown, due to one of the plays he has written called Liberty showing in Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

Glyn Maxwell play Liberty currently showing in the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Jude was the twelfth and last poet to go on stage.

I enjoyed hearing Jude’s poems, and she was a very good and confident speaker. She must have gained these great speaking skills through her main job as a teacher.

I held up my flowers for Jude to give her my number one vote for each round, as she is my friend, but I also generally thought her poems were very good.

Stephanie Merritt one of the famous writers we had been chatting to voted Jude as her second favourite poet of the night.

Valerie the nice old lady won the competition, and then Elizabetta one of the hosts handed her a cash prize.

Although Jude did not win, she did get in the final round, which was very good.

After the event had ended, we finished our drinks and left the venue.

Jude was happy that she had reached the final and met the two other writers. I was happy for Jude too, and I had another very enjoyable evening out with friends in the Boileroom.

My friend Jude told me that I looked a bit like a character from the Little Britain BBC comedy sketch show, due to me wearing my big winter Parka coat! That was not very nice of her, although I know she was joking, so I will let her off ;-)

I look forward to going to the next poetry night in the Boileroom!

Comments on Boileroom Poetry Slam

Posted by Jude | 26 October, 2008 1:49 PM | | Jude's profile | | Permalink

Yes Barry I was joking!! Thanks for telling me about and coming with me to the slam... hope you're enjoying the rain????

Barry's avatar
Posted by Barry | 09 November, 2008 6:22 PM | | Barry's profile | | Permalink

Hi Jude,

Sorry for late reply on your comment, I just found out my website email account had stopped working, so didn't get comment notifications due to no emails.

Glad you enjoyed the Poetry Slam, and well done for getting in the final. I'd like to try out Elizabetta's writings group.

You only rating my blog a 1 out of 5? It was not that bad! ;-)

See you again soon.


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