The Walk Along The River Wey To Godalming

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I thought it was about time I did some more blogs, as I've not done any for ages. I have been doing quite a few fun things since I last wrote. Some friends have also asked me to write some more. So here they come...

Well, where do I begin? I guess I should give an update on Zuzanna, who I mentioned meeting up with recently.

We met up a second time near the end of July, which was also sadly also the last time we ever saw each other.

I invited her out with me and some of my friends. The original plan was to go rowing along the River Wey with some friends, and to take Zuzanna with me.

I took Zuzanna with me round to my friend Frog's cottage, along with my other friend Ian.

Frog was there, and also his housemate Julia, plus her friends and boyfriend Joe too. I introduced Zuzanna to them.

The weather had been really bad during the end of July, so when Frog gave the Boat House a call, they advised him that we couldn't hire boats to go rowing, due to the heavy rain we had that month, as the river water level was too high, which was a bugger.

So, we had a think about what we could all do, whilst we were all sitting outside in Frog's garden.

Frog came up with the idea of us all walking along the river to Godalming, and for us to have a pub lunch there. So we all agreed to do it.

As the rain had made the path along the river very muddy, Julia leant a spare pair of sandals to Zuzanna, so her new trainers would not get dirty. Ian was wearing expensive black suede shoes, so Frog kindly leant Ian a pair of sandals too. Ian looked very funny in the sandals, as they were the Jesus styled open toed kind of ones.

We all set off for our walk along the river. Zuzanna wore Frog's rainbow coloured hat, as she liked it, she liked it so much in fact, that Frog nearly didn't get his hat back!

It's a very nice walk along the river, as its quiet, and you get to see lots of trees and nature, and stuff. It takes a little while to walk to Godalming, as its a fair old trot.

We arrived in Godalming, after about a 45 minute walk. We all then went inside Wetherspoons there, to have drinks and a meal.

Julia phoned Chris Carr on her mobile, to ask him to meet us. Julia played a bit of a prank on poor Chris. When she called Chris, he was buying some anti-scabies cream in the Boots chemist shop in Godalming, as Julia told him that she was infected with it, which got poor Chris very worried indeed. The joke went down like a lead balloon, but it was ok in the end. Chris met us all in Wetherspoons to join us.

I had a vegetarian burger, and I bought Zuzanna a Sheppard's Pie.

After we had ate our meal and drank our drinks, some decided to stay in Godalming, whilst me Frog, Ian, Zuzanna and a few others decided to walk back to Frog's cottage in Guildford. I had to take Zuzanna back to Guildford, as she had a train to catch back to where she lived at the time in Pirbright.

During the walk back to Guildford along the river, Frog suddenly had the urge to take a dump, and he paniced for mad for quite a while, as he was very desperate. We eventually came to a pub, where Frog dashed in to use their loo, which was very funny at the time.

Myself and Frog had a bit of a laugh chatting to Zuzanna, which was during the walk back along the river to Frog's cottage. As Zuzanna is from Slovakia, her culture and views are a little different to our own. She kept going on about gypsies in her country, which was just like a scene out of Borat, it was so hilarious, and Frog wanted to film her. But, Zuzanna didn't sadly want to be filmed. We also had a bit of a joke helping her pronouncing English words, and we got her to say some very rude words indeed, making her think they meant something else. Zuzanna took it all in good spirits though, which was cool.

I left Frog and the others at Frog's cottage. I then walked Zuzanna back to the train station. I kissed her good bye.

I sadly never heard from Zuzanna again, as she went back Slovakia and she didn't come back. She offered to take me with her there for a holiday, but I had already made other arrangements for things to do that month.

I went back to Frog's cottage, then me Ian, Chris, Julia and her boyfriend Joe, and another of Julia's friends went to eat pizza at the Old Ship Inn, not far from Frog's place. We stayed there until closing time, Ian headed back to Frog's cottage with Julia, Joe, and Julia's friend. I then later headed back home. It was a great day.

See the below video of Joe and Julia on the River Wey in Guildford singing Old Man River.

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