The Old Firm Re-union

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Last week on Saturday night, I went to my previous firms re-union party.

The tickets cost £10 each, and we were going to get two free drinks, a live band, and a DJ.

The event was held inside the Electric Theatre in Guildford, and organised by Andy, who was someone I used to work with in my last office job.

I used to work for a well-known insurance firm in the Guildford town centre.

My job involved various administration and customer service type work.

I quite liked it there up until they decided to float on the stock market, and go in with another insurance firm who were not much good at the time, which changed things there totally for me.

I enjoyed the social side of working there, and gained some great new friends, some of which I still see today.

I was there for nearly seven years, and then I took redundancy when they were re-locating to another office, somewhere miles away by the coast.

As I didn't really enjoy my last few years at my last firm (for various reasons I won't go into on here), I was not very keen on going to the re-union party at all. But as my friend Tristan asked me to come along, I decided to go to the event.

I was going to dress smartly in a suit, and take my attractive female model friend Mandy along with me. But, as Mandy was sadly busy, and due to me being out the previous night up until 7am in the morning in the MOS, I ended up going dressed causally, unshaven, half asleep, baggy eyed, and generally looking like a mess.

I nearly didn’t go to it that night, as was having second thoughts, it was only Tristan texting me from the Electric Theatre about fifteen minutes after the event had started, which prompted me to go.

By the time I got a lift into Guildford by car, I was about forty minutes late to the event.

When I arrived only Tristan, Andy, and myself were at the bar.

The other people I used to work with were all inside the White House pub, which is where everyone used to head to straight after work on a Friday.

I asked Andy about my free two drinks, but he said that due to the lack of people coming, there were none. I think I also asked about the DJ, and there was no DJ. There were no nibbles to eat either.

I bought myself and Tristan a drink. I drank a big bottle of cider, and then I bought another one for me to drink.

The others eventually left the White House to come into the bar area of the Electric Theatre.

It was a shame, as I didn’t see any friendly old faces like Frog, Ben Barden, Tom, Rob, or Juma come to the event.

Therefore, I didn’t really have anyone there worth me making conversation with, other than Tristan.

Tristan went to mingle with the others, who I did not know that well, so I was left on my own after that.

I went over to watch Andy play with his band, and I thought they were very good, it was the highlight of the night for me.

I was one of the only ones sitting watching the band for quite a while, as no one else was watching them at first.

As I sat there observing it all unfold before me, I thought to myself ‘Why on earth did I come here?’ and ‘I’ve moved on’, whilst sipping my pint of cider.

Andy's band 

I also thought of the silly little things I now missed about not working there anymore, such as;-

  • The staff canteen - nice warm meals cooked to order by a top chef costing next to nothing to purchase
  • The afternoon food trolley lady
  • Unlimited free tea and coffee out of the many office vending machines
  • Going to a pub lunchtimes or afterwork, and sometimes doing both on the same day
  • The fun Xmas and staff social club parties
  • Being fed lots of cream cakes and champagne from the Directors whenever our office won the many awards for our excellent customer service
  • Team building day out in the woods in deepest darkest Kent, and doing one of the obstacle courses with a large lady tied to my leg, who nearly broke my leg whenever she tripped and fell.
  • Going to Edinburgh for some strange course which made no sense whatsoever. Part of it involved sitting in a specially made indoor forest whilst watching actors acting out odd customer service scenarios, whilst I was eating luxury Salmon sandwiches out of a huge picnic hamper, on my very own picnic table.
  • Winning a huge bottle of champagne for being the best dressed cowboy at a firm party.
  • Going to the Stockport office and getting p*ssed on Cheeky Vimto cocktails, whilst eating barms in some funny Northern pub during lunchtimes.
  • Going out in Manchester with some new friends gained in the Stockport office.
  • Living it up and making the most out of staying in hotels, and the firm taxi account, whilst being driven all round Manchester.
  • Free flights.
  • Video conferencing with someone who was the spittage image of the comedian Peter Kay.
  • Poor old Mr V.
  • Ed coming to work in his underwater diving suit.
  • Tristan and his constant prank calls to somebody daft in the office, which resulted in many change of telephones, and BT engineers coming in, to try and fix the problem.
  • Doing next to no work whilst waiting for our redundancy dates to come through.

Me squirting Tristan with orange juice in the staff canteen

My final department there. Can you spot me?

Team building day out in the woods. Myself and Frog are on the far right (a rare picture of Frog prior to his present long haired hippy look)

Me being awarded a big bottle of champagne by one of the Directors for being the best dressed cowboy at one of the many firm parties

Enjoying using room service whilst staying away in hotels

Me and Mr V enjoying a firm Halloween party together

Ed wearing his underwater diving suit in the office. Why?? But good on you Ed!!

One of the middle-aged women from my old firm then came into the theatre where the band was playing.

She had the dance floor to herself.

She was dancing round to the music from the band, and enjoying herself. Good on her.

It looked a bit like a mother-in-law dancing round at a wedding after party though, to encourage her children, or grand children to get up and dance.

Her dancing did encourage a few others to liven up and leave the bar area, to watch the band play in the theatre.

Some people did start dancing, but it was mostly the older ones, and I felt a bit embarrassed sitting there watching it all go on in front of me.

I left the theatre and walked towards the toilets, which was due to the two big bottles of cider I drank were now starting to take effect.

When I came out again, and looked around the bar, I could not see Tristan anywhere in sight.

There was nobody else there worth me talking to, so I left the party around 10.30pm.

I caught the last bus back home thinking to myself 'Why did I go to the party, and waste £10 of my money?'

Although to be honest, I did enjoy watching the band, and thinking back to the good times I had in my last job working with some of them.

Plaid - Itsu. This video reminds me of the team meetings at my last firm

Prologue - 'Rose Life?' I wonder what firm this video might be based on?

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