Meeting Judge Jules As VIP Guests Of MOS

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Last week on Friday night, I met Tristan and his friends at Guildford train station around 10.30pm.

We were returning to the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London, which I have been to a few times before, and wrote about in these two blog posts The Night Of Being VIPS At The Ministry Of Sound and The Return To The Mos As VIPS.

This time Tristan said that we would all be free VIP guests.

Tristan had brought along his girlfriend Kate, and her friend, whose name I have forgotten, plus his friends Steve and Dan.

The train from Guildford to Waterloo arrived later than expected. It was quite cold standing out on the platform waiting for it to arrive, but it was ok, as I had brought along a warm coat to wear over my outfit for the night, which was a long sleeved blue shirt, and black trousers.

When we got to Waterloo station, Tristan’s friends bought some food to take away and eat with them on their way to the club.

I was hoping to get a taxi to the Ministry of Sound nightclub, but Dan and Steve wanted to walk there.

It was freezing, and they got a bit lost at first, but we found the club after walking round for about twenty-five minutes.

We joined the guest queue. It was very busy, and it took a while for the queue to get moving.

There were a couple of very attractive women standing behind me in the guest queue. They chatted to me, and they were very nice.

As we reached nearer to the guest entrance door, we were given our VIP wristbands, and a marble. I didn't quite know what the marble was for, and nearly forgot to take my marble with me, as I was too busy chatting to the girls in the queue behind me.

Then we reached the security staff. We went through one of those funny things that you see in airports, which scan the body for anything dodgy such as guns, knives and bombs. We all got through that ok, and then we went inside the club.

We handed in our coats and marbles to the cloakroom attendants. Then we showed our VIP wristbands to a bouncer, and we headed up stairs to the VIP section.

My VIP wristband

Upstairs in the VIP section, it was quite packed with people, but we managed to find a table.

The last time we were up there in the VIP bit, we practically had the place to ourselves, with our own hostess serving us at our reserved table.

It was great to be back inside the MOS though.

Back in the MOS

We had some drinks, and then we went on the balcony overlooking the dance floor below us.

Dan pointing from the balcony

A nice girl on the balcony

It was fun to dance on the balcony and to watch what was going on. I liked watching the lady podium dancers, they were quite hypnotic. 

A hot podium dancer

More dancers

The music was very loud, but good. I took the below video on my mobile.

A video of MOS I took on my mobile

We went down onto the dance floor, but it was too packed to stay down there, as we had trouble moving, we were like canned sardines.

Canned sardines


It was better inside the VIP area, as it was away from the constant noise and mass of people. It was also more fun to dance on the VIP balcony, as we had room to move, so that is where we spent most of our night.

When I returned to the balcony, there were many very attractive women dressed in Roman togas. There were some men dressed in togas too, but I obviously did not find them attractive.

Romans at MOS?

When in Rome...

Some of the women dressed in Roman togas spoke to me, but I had trouble hearing them, due to the noise. They all seemed to be from New Zealand. One girl in particular was very nice. She wanted to have her pictures taken with me, whom she did, she also told me her name, and was chatting away to me. But I unfortunately could not hear a single thing she was telling me. It was a shame, as she was having a full blown conversation with me. Thinking back, I wish I thought to take her mobile number down, as at least then, I could have met up with her another time in London, in a quieter setting, to get to know her better. We were sadly just passing ships in the night. Maybe she will find me again one day through my website, which you are reading now. I have attached a picture of her and me below.

The lovely Roman New Zealand girl and me

There was another attractive girl, who also got chatting to me on the balcony, a Russian lady called Mariana, she danced with me. Mariana was also very nice. I should have got her number as well, but I was not really looking for a date that night, so I didn't think to do so. I always regret not doing these things afterwards on the next day.

We had some more drinks in the VIP area.

Drinking with Tristan's friends

Me and Tristan

Tristan and his girlfriend Kate

Tristan’s idol DJ Dave Pearce was sadly not playing there that night.

They had another famous DJ called Judge Jules Dj'ing instead, who was very good, better than DJ Dave Pearce I thought.

I enjoyed all of the music they played, as well as all the light and laser effects. The club has a great atmosphere.

After Judge Jules had finished his set, Tristan patiently waited for him outside the exit door, near to to the DJ booth.

We waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for ages for Judge Jules to come through the door.

Tristan was gripping a Judge Jules CD tightly in his hand, as he wanted to get it signed by him. I am pretty sure the reason Tristan chooses to be in the VIP area in MOS, is due to the fact that its the only way the DJ’s can get to and from the DJ booth. I started to feel a bit impatient standing there so long like that, but then Judge Jules came out.

Tristan then excitedly dashed towards DJ Judge Jules to get his CD signed, and to get a photo taken with the DJ on his camera.

As I had been standing there so bloody long, I grabbed Judges Jules as he walked past me, so I could have my picture taken with him too.

Me and the famous Judge Jules

Tristan and Judge Jules

We left the club not long after our brief meeting with DJ Judge Jules.

Tristan’s friends then wanted to walk back all the way to Waterloo station, rather than catch a taxi there, so I followed and walked with them.

When we arrived back at Waterloo train station, we purchased some hot food and warm drinks inside a café.

Our train back to Guildford arrived not long after, and we all safely got on it.

We fell asleep on the train, but luckily; we all woke up again when the train arrived at Guildford station.

I caught a taxi back to my village.

I arrived at home close to 7am on Saturday morning, and then I climbed back into my bed, to get some well earned sleep.

I had another party to go to on Saturday night, an old firm re-union party, which I will write about in my next blog.

I enjoyed my return to MOS, it was a fun night.

I like people in London, I get on well with them, as they are not reserved and aloof like the people here in my area of Surrey. The women there look far better too. I really have the urge to up sticks and to move away to London.

I will have to remember the next time I go to London to gather the mobile numbers from any nice looking women who show an interest in me.

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