My Fifth Sketchy Ferry Fairies Artist Group Night

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Last Tuesday evening I went round to Frog’s Ferry Cottage for another evening with the Sketchy Ferry Fairies Artist Group

Frog, Julia, and Mark were there. 

A new person came also along to the group, which was Sharon, an Australian girl, who is one of Frog’s new workmates. 

Unfortunately, Mark’s camera was being repaired that day, so I do not have copies of the other people’s sketches from that night, as no photos were taken. 

I was first to be sketched. I lay on the sofa for them. It was funny seeing Mark’s sketch of me, as he drew me looking like a male 70’s porn star, complete with a medallion and a hairy chest! 

Julia was next to be sketched, and I have attached my drawing of her below. 


Sharon was a bit too nervous to be sketched next, so we did one of Frog sitting crossed legged on the sofa. 

Frog had a slight smile on his face, whilst holding one of his spirals on a stick in front of him, with his eyes firmly fixed upon it. I don’t know why, maybe it was because he was sitting still smiling like that, but his pose looked very amusing! 

Frog smiling at his spiral on a stick 

Mark was not up for being sketched by us that evening, as he just wanted to draw, so we managed to persuade Sharon to be next. Sharon was easy to draw, as she sat very still. 

New girl Sharon

Julia then showed me a new website she has recently found called Julia is going to use the website, to meet new people and join new groups, as she's sadly moving away to London soon. I was quite impressed with the website, as there are many local groups in Guildford to join as well, from anything to photographers, artists, filmmakers, partygoers, and social groups. I have grown bored with the Facebook and MySpace websites, as most people on there are sadly just content with exchanging messages, comments, or silly applications all the time, and that's it, which has become very boring and dull, a total waste of my time, fake and anonymous, and starting to bore the hell out of me. I would much rather use a networking website to find and go out with people in the real world, away from the computer screen, which is exactly what does. 

After Julia showed me her website, we finished our drawing for the night, and I returned to my car to head back home. 

I was also glad that one of Frog’s neighbours did not confront me for parking my car again, like they did the last time I visited there.

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