My Fourth Sketchy Ferry Fairies Artist Group Night

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On Tuesday evening last week, Frog invited me round Ferry Cottage for another sketching evening. 

I drove through the rain and parked on the railway bridge near Frog’s home.  

I rang the door and Frog answered. Julia, Mark and Becca were in the living room to also sketch together again. 

Frog and Mark were fiddling with one of Frog's computers, as he has just fried one of his hard drives. 

Mark had brought along another PC, which had a great flat wide screen. 

Mark's girlfriend Becca was up for being sketched first. As I was sitting next to her on the sofa, I was sketching her from up close. 

The below picture is my sketched drawing of Becca. 


Unfortunately, the night we had chosen to sketch each other was the day after Bank Holiday, so everyone was too tired to sketch anyone further after we did Becca. 

Frog fiddled with his broken hard drive for some of the evening, and Julia told us about a board game she liked called Risk. 

Julia has ordered the game Risk from a online shop off the internet, so when it has been delivered to her, we can all play the board game together. Risk sounds like an interesting game, I have never played it before, but it apparently involves trying to take over the world. 

Mark and Becca then left Frog’s cottage, so I left not long after that, as I was also tired. 

It was raining again, and dark by then. 

On the way back to the railway bridge where my car was parked, I saw a guy and his girlfriend standing by their garage, watching me as I opened my car door. 

As I sat in my car, closed my car door, and started my engine, I heard and saw a fist knocking on my car window, which made me jump a bit, as it was unexpected. 

I wound down my window to see what he wanted, and he asked me in a fairly aggressive voice not to park where I was again, as he'd hit my car. 

From the tone of his voice, it sounded a bit like a threat, like he’d hit my car on purpose for leaving it there the next time he saw it. 

I thought he was a bit of an idiot to be honest, as only my back wheels were on the double line, which was due to lack of parking space and the bad weather. In addition to that, my car is very small and on the other side of the road to his garage, so even if he owned an American stretch limo, he would still be able to get in and out of his garage with out any problems at all. 

He and his partner had obviously been hanging around their garage waiting to confront me. I guess this was due to me parking in the same spot a few times before. 

I did of course apologise to him, as I am like that. 

To be honest, it makes me a bit uneasy to park near there again though, which is a bit of a bummer, as there are no other parking places near to Frog’s cottage. 

I don’t know why people have serious issues with regard to such silly things. 

Anyway, back to the drawing, I enjoyed sketching Becca that night, I look forward to doing more sketching again soon. I also recently found the below picture of a fairy painting another fairy on Google, I uploaded it to Facebook, to be our group picture! 

The Sketchy Ferry Fairies

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