Discovering Wellwood Arboretum

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Last weekend included a Bank Holiday Monday, and I was glad of the extra day off.

I was hoping to see some friends, but it was the usual story of everybody being busy, or dropping out of things. A friend from London, invited me to go to Thorpe Park with her friends, but I thought it would be heaving with people, and that we would not get to go on many rides, so I declined her offer. They did not go to Thorpe Park in the end, and they instead went to Oxford, but it was too late for them to re-arrange with me, as my mobile was switched off, so I sadly missed out in seeing Oxford.

Therefore, I instead went out with my parents over my Bank Holiday break.

It was spitting with rain and a bit cloudy, but it has been like that all of this month, so it didn’t put me off from going out.

On Sunday, I took my camera out with me, and joined my parents for a walk along the Downs Link, starting from my village of Cranleigh.

The Downs Link was once a local railway line from Guildford to the coast, which has recently been turned into a cyclist and walkers route.

If I had a friend willing to walk the whole Downs Link route with me, then I think it would be fun to walk from Guildford to the coast, and to camp in the countryside, stopping off at the various country pubs and places of interest along the way.

I walked with my parents a few miles along the Downs Link. There were some great views across fields, and hills. We crossed some bridges along the route with streams running under them. As it is an old railway line, the path is flat and easy to walk on, and often up high with good views from both sides.

During our walk, there was a lot of very loud noise from various aeroplanes and jets, as there was a local air show on at Dunsfold, a village close to Cranleigh.

We heard a noise like a cat screaming out in pain from high up in a tree. It turned out to be a squirrel going nuts, which was due to the distress of it hearing the loud noise of the jets flying overhead. I have never heard a squirrel make noises like that before, I did not even know squirrels could make any noises until that day.

After about half hour of walking we came to a sign, and a right side turning along the path.

The sign read Wellwood Arboretum and mentioned a café by a lake, so we decided to investigate, as none of us knew it was there before.

The sign to Wellwood Arboretum

It was a nice looking place as we approached the entrance. I saw a lake with ducks on, and people sitting on some decking on the other side of the lake, with tables, chairs, and a small hut around them.

The lake

Some adults were sitting by the café near the lake drinking and eating, with their dog sat next to them, whilst a young girl was swinging from a swing on a tree.

I saw a metallic skeleton sculpture on a bike, near to the entrance, which looked very good.

Metallic skeleton on a bike

I ordered my parents and myself some drink and food from two middle-aged women inside the hut. Then we sat at a table by the lake, and they brought out our tea and food to us.

It was relaxing sitting there people watching, and enjoying the surroundings.

After we finished our tea and food as I went to pay for it, one of the women working in the café hut told me about the arboretum there.

The arboretum was free to walk round, so we walked round it.

We walked along a pathway into the trees and bushes and found a sculpture of a man standing in front of a wooden door.

A doorway into another world

Behind the door was a garden of trees and more sculptures.

I saw a Buddha by a small pond, and a clay face amongst the bushes.


Buddha by the pond

A clay face

We then came to a house, and then to a wooden hut.

A small house

A wooden hut

On the porch of the wooden hut, there was a pile of wood, with a tribal looking wooden carving of a figure next to a basket.

Tribal carving

As we walked on further, I saw a blue monolith, two red fan shaped ones, and a statue of a couple embracing each other.

Blue monolith

A fan

Another fan

A statue of an embrace

The female side of the statue has a great peachy bum!

There were other unusual sights, including a miniature fairy village, and a large black bat on a tree.

A big black bat

It was fun to walk round, spotting unusual things in the trees and bushes. I liked it, as it looked like an arty, surreal, magical sort of place.

We left the arboretum and returned home.

I looked up Wellwood Arboretum on the internet, click here to visit their website. They have a workshop, and do classes for music, relaxation, art, poetry, and sculpture.

You can fish on the lake, and even stay there to rent out the summerhouse, which has a log fire, and bedroom.

I will definitely visit there again. I would quite like to go along to their meditation and art groups.

It is quite bizarre for Wellwood Arboretum to be in the middle of nowhere like that, a secret retreat to hide away in, and a magical creative place to open the mind.

I will write about what else I did over my Bank Holiday weekend, when I get some more free time to do so.

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