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I watched the V for Vendetta movie last night with my friends Frog and Julia after work, and it was great!

The film was a powerful story of the loss of freedom and identity in a totalitarian world of despair and oppressive tyranny. It was set in the near future of London, and the country was run by Nazi like fascists.

'V’ the main character was a man, who fought against this fascist regime. He disguised himself wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, hat, and a long black cape.

I'm going to look out for the graphic novel written by Alan Moore, which the film is based on, during this Saturday. I’m travelling to Birmingham with my friend Tristan and his friends that day, to see the Memorabilia collector’s fair event, so I should be able to buy the book from there.

I can recommend seeing the film and checking out the graphic novel. 

The original graphic novel by Alan Moore

The trailer for V for Vendetta

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