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Still Life

Nathan takes an unexpected detour through a small town on his road trip. The startling events that unfold around him defy logic or explanation. Fortunately, however, they don't defy the tenets of awesome filmmaking. Still Life is a brilliant exercise in paranormal storytelling. Rod Serling would be proud.


This will teach you to open up strange email attachments at work. An unsuspecting man receives a killer computer virus from his girlfriend.

California Sunshine

The cold light of a crippling hangover reveals an unpleasant reality for a pair of small-time drug dealers: the weekend's party went off with a bang, but they've given away their entire stash of Ecstasy. Worse, their supplier is demanding payment. NOW. As they examine their options, two strangers in dark suits show up at the door. Are they thugs sent to collect the phantom cash, or will they provide divine intervention

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