The Local Vicar's Summer Fete

On Saturday 10th July last year, it was a warm sunny summer’s day, and I met up with my friends Ian and Russell.

We walked down the river outside of my flat and we saw plenty of canoeists along the way.

Me and Ian

Russell and Ian

Ian with the Electric Theatre behind him

Russell on the steps of where I used to work along the river, which was at a long gone insurance firm


Not far from the river, we ended up at a summer fete in the garden of a vicar’s house.

The summer fete at the Vicar's house

The fete was quite quaint and very English, it was like stepping back in time back to the 1950’s. There were stalls full of nick-nacks, homemade jars of jam and baked cakes, which were lovingly made by sweet little old ladies. Plenty of games were present too, such as raffles, and coconut shies, all in aid of charity.

Lots of stalls

A bouncy castle for the kids

The vicar was present at the event dressed in a cream linen suit and wearing a straw boaters hat on his head.

I enjoyed experiencing the fete, as it was very British, and reminded me of my youth, of days gone past when I used to go to such things as a young boy with my parents and grand parents. I used to like browsing the stalls back then as a boy, and buy old second hand books and magazines like the National Geographic.

Me at the vicar's fete

BBC's Little Britain - Maggie & Judy at a summer fete (can't find the original English version)

We then left and walked back down river to the Row Barge pub for some beers. It was a good day to be outside.

Ian enjoying a drink at the Row Barge

Me enjoying a drink at Row Barge

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