A Double Explosion At The Gunpowder Mills

On Wednesday 14th July last year, I took a flex day off work, and met up with my very nice Russian friend Inna.

I drove us to Chilworth, which is a village that is 3 miles southeast from where I live in Guildford.

We went for a walk in the woodland together and visited the ruins of the Chilworth Gunpowder works.

The sunlight through the trees in Chilworth

Me walking through the woodland of Chilworth


Me and Inna

I remember hearing that there was an explosion there many years ago, and it was so big, that it lifted off the roof of the nearby St Martha’s Church on St Martha’s Hill. The last time I had been to the Gunpower works was with friends was back in the summer of 2007, which you can read about here.

Me heading inside the ruins

Inna inside the ruins

The ruins are overgrown with brambles and weeds, and it was a bit muddy, but it was interesting to see them again.

Inside is overgrown

Whilst we were there Inna told me that she was pregnant with twins. I congratulated her. I would love to be able to father twins. It would symbolic of my birth sign of being a Gemini. I also imagine its fascinating and fun to bring up twins, especially if they are identical carbon copies of each other, as they sometimes develop their own language and think alike. I guess its hard work though, for both the mother and father when they are small, but at least if both parents only want two children, then the mother only has to become pregnant once, and the twins have the benefit of growing up together at the same time from birth. There is something a bit creepy, but cool about twins too.

Gemini, my star sign, the twins

This is how my twins may look ;-) (like the twins out of The Shining)

Talking Twin Babies

As I'm getting on a bit now and in my mid-thirties, I sometimes feel a bit broody, and wonder what fatherhood would be like for me.

I enjoyed my walk with Inna round the Gunpowder factory ruins, and I will enjoy meeting her twins after her double explosion!

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