Guilfest 2010 Day 1

From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th July 2010 the Guilfest music festival returned to Stoke Park in Guildford.

The flyer

I last went to Guilfest with my friend Ian back in July 2007, which you can read about here. The line up for Guilfest 2010 looked really good. I was looking forward to seeing Orbital and Tall Paul on Friday, The Human League, Mungo Jerry, and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown on Saturday, plus Status Quo, Level 42, and others on Sunday. Not forgetting the comedy tent, stalls, and other fun things to see.

Guilfest 2010 line up

GuilFest 2010: Day one

I managed to get discounted tickets for the whole of the three-day event. A lady at work was selling tickets cheaper than advertised elsewhere, as her son’s local band was playing in the Surrey Advertiser tent.

I got tickets for Ian, his sister, and me. I enjoy going out with Ian, as we can plan fun things together and go all kind of places when he is here in England.

On Friday’s festival event day, I met my friend Ian round his parents’ house in Guildford where he was staying. He was living very close to Stoke Park where Guilfest was being held.

Ian coming out of his parents house

We walked from his house to Stoke Park.

A high fence surrounded the park. We could see the campers’ tents behind the fence.

Ian looking over the fence

The weekend campers for the event

We arrived at the entrance and received our wristbands, which gained us entry. Our bags were searched before we went in.

The main entrance

We had a walk round the park checking out the stalls and what was there. They had some interesting things for sale, clothes, food, ornaments, everything. I tried on a fake Elvis wig and a funny hat. There were also stalls selling herbal highs and an oxygen bar. There was a few stalls selling rude t-shirts too.

Ian checking out Guilfest

Ice cream?

Indian stuff

Goth gear

Lots of different kinds of food on offer

I wish I bought some of these for my flat

Me as Elvis

I don't think this hat is me, it would look better on my mate Frog

Herbal highs

An O2 Bar

I don't think I'd have the guts to wear this

We checked out some of the tents, which had bands playing inside them.

Me and Ian in one of the tents and pondering on where to go next

A pretty girl singer in one of the tents

Inside one of the tents that had a live band in

There was another tent which had The Eden People inside it. I had my photo taken holding a sign which read 'Unique'. I was not quite sure what they were all about, but they seemed quite happy anyway.

Unique - that's me alright ;-)

Some of the campers were staying in teepee tents nearby.

The teepee tents

We found a red Double Decker bus, which had been turned in a bar selling Pimm’s cocktails. We had some drinks on the top deck of the bus, which was fun. There was a great view of the park from the top deck.

The Pimm's bus!

Ian enjoying a glass of Pimm's on top deck

Me in my 'Player' t-shirt enjoying Pimm's on top deck

Some fun new passengers have just got on the bus to join us on our trip

The view out of the window from top deck on the bus

There's even Pimm's deckchairs and picnic blankets to sit on, how very nice of them!

A guy coming to get his Pimm's

After we had some drinks, we walked round some more stalls. We tried on silly hats and glasses and took pictures of each other wearing them. Ian bought some flower shades, and I got a black hat with a white stripe on it, which looked like the type of hats Mods wore during the Mod revival of the late 70's when bands like The Jam and Ska music was popular. Ian also bought a black bowler hat. I felt like I was in an episode of Mr Benn with all the funny outfits to try on.

Mr Benn The Spaceman

Watch out, Ian is feeling horny

I might need this hat for protection later on, for when we make a mad dash to get to the front of the crowd when the best bands are on

Ian has found himself some flower power shades to wear at Guilfest

My lovely new shades

Barry Bear

Me wearing a glittery gold hat

Ian has found a new look

We watched a few bands, and then we looked round the stalls again. We bought two UV painted t-shirts to wear later on at the festival. I also bought a mini dress with the same design as my UV t-shirt for my girlfriend of the time Lushele. She sadly could not make it to the music festival due to her work.

One of the many stages

Some band on stage

I like his punky style

We then decided to have a break back at Ian’s house. We enjoyed some beers and wine in his back garden. I took photos of him near some lavender wearing his flower shades. A big bee landed near him.

Ian enjoying a glass of red

Enjoying a nice glass of red wine

Cheers to the lavender

Ian has spotted a bee with his special flower power vision specs

We walked back to Stoke Park with our UV T-shirts on. Ian had also changed into bright stripey trousers, put his flower shades on, and wore a smiley faced bandella on his head.

Me and Ian in our jazzy UV t-shirts

We also met up with my friend Tristan at Guilfest. He was there to see one of his favourite DJ’s play in the Funky End tent, who was Tall Paul. Tristan also wanted to promote his new Pure Dance events company, and he had brought along some printed flyers for a local event he was doing. I had posted some of the flyers round Guildford earlier that week, and I helped him out at Guilfest handing them out too.

Tall Paul - Rock Da House

Tristan and his Pure Dance event flyer

The DJ’s were really good in the Funky End tent. There was some great music being played and it was full of people dancing.

Ian dancing

Me entering the tent

Ian has spotted something or someone

Peace, me borrowing Ian's flower power shades

Me pointing at Ian

Me with Tall Paul on the decks behind me

Tristan with one of his favourite DJ's behind him, Tall Paul

Me dancing

DJ's dj'ing

Tall Paul

A guy on bongos whilst the DJ spins some dance tunes

Tristan feeling the music

Some of the crowd

Ian has flower power

Tristan's back again

Tristan dancing

One of the DJ's

The Funky End tent was packed with dance music fans

Ian in the zone

After we had our dance around we then left the tent, and watched some bands on the different stages.

The Three Amigos

We saw some acting students doing some strange performance outside. There was a girl standing on a chair in a leopard skin coat, and other actors in unusual clothes sat, or stood around her.

An interesting performance

Not sure what this is all about

The sun was starting to go down, and there was a colourful sunset.

A pretty sunset

My halo

A big atomic explosion is going on behind me

The sky is on fire behind Ian

Tristan jumping in on Ian's sunset picture

We returned back to the Funky End tent again and it was all lit up inside.

Back inside the Funky End tent

As it got darker we returned to the stall that was selling UV t-shirts. Everything was glowing, including us, and I got some good pictures.

Ian glowing in the dark

Me glowing in the dark

My tribal face UV t-shirt

Ian's UV paint splat effect t-shirt

One of the other designs

UV light sticks

A selection of bright UV T-shirts

We went to the main stage and watched Orbital perform. They are a popular ambient dance music band, who did well in the 90’s. They were great fun to watch with their big screens and classic tunes. I took pictures and some video.

Orbital - Halcyon On and On

Orbital - The Box

Orbital in action

Me with Orbital on stage behind me

The impressive stage during Orbital's performance

The Orbital brothers wearing their famous trademark light-up glasses

Orbital live at Guilfest 2010

Tristan then had to head back home.

Ian and me returned to the dance tent until closing time.

Back in the dance tent late at night

It was a fun first day to the three-day Guilfest music festival.

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