I Saw The Queen Today In Guildford!

I noticed a lot of police in Guildford this morning up the High Street, when I visited WHSmiths to buy a magazine in the morning.

There were metal barriers placed at both sides of the road.I asked at work what was going on, and I found out that the Queen was visiting the Guild House at mid day.So, I went to lunch at 12pm and walked up the High Street to stand under where the clock is at Guild House, and waited for her to come out.There were many hundreds of people on both sides of the road behind the barriers, and a guy selling Union Jack flags for the people to wave when they saw the Queen.I noticed loads of police dressed in black with body armour on, and special agent types wondering around.There was a helicopter hovering high above, spying on the crowd.A brass band was playing.I waited ages for the Queen to come out of the Guild House. Eventually she did with Prince Philip.The Queen was dressed in a cream outfit with a white hat.She was only out of the building for a short while to acknowledge the crowd, then she went back inside again.

The Queen in Guildford High Street!

The Queen in Guildford

I then saw some chefs enter the building after her, they were probably there to cook her a nice lunch.A big old dark red Bentley pulled up outside to wait for her to come out again.I then left, as time was getting on.I was 20 minutes late back to work from my lunchbreak, as it took me ages to get back to my office through the crowd, but it didn't really matter, as it's not everyday you get to see the Queen for real in your own town!

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